Elena Wilson, Senior Technologist, Shell Polymers

Polymer Profile: Elena Wilson, Senior Technologist | Finishing

Meet Elena Wilson, Senior Technologist. Since beginning her career over 16 years ago Elena has had a wide variety of roles in polymer plant design, finishing operations, solids handling and logistics.

By Shell Polymers on Sep 21, 2020

Photo of Elena Wilson, Senior Technologist - Finishing

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Elena Wilson

Senior Technologist | Finishing

With the opening of its new polyethylene plant in Monaca, USA, Shell Polymers has been hiring a team of industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, who have a proven track record in polyethylene. In this article, Senior Technologist, Elena Wilson shares more about her role and four ways in which she believes Shell Polymers will deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

A Day in the Life of a Senior Technologist at Shell Polymers

With a brand new state-of-the-art plant under construction, no two days seem to be the same! Elena explains, “In general, I provide oversight and technical assurance on the design and operating plans for the finishing part of the polyethylene process.

I’m also involved with the development of technical tools that will help our plant operators to run the plant and ensure flawless operations. In addition, I support new business development opportunities with early-stage scoping and site selection.”

Four Ways Shell Polymers Will Deliver An Unrivaled Customer Experience

  • World-class talent.

    I’m constantly impressed by the talent we have acquired across the business. I’m surrounded by people who are experts in their respective fields.

  • Putting the customer first

    We are challenging the status quo and writing our own set of rules centered on our customers.

  • Strategic location

    Being close to our customers provides logistics advantages and the opportunity to build close customer relationships.

  • Technical service

    Our technical services team will offer first-class customer support using the latest technologies.

Delivering An Unrivaled Customer Experience

At Shell Polymers, we’re building a state-of-the-art plant that is designed to produce the high-quality product that our customers require, every time. In her role as a Senior Technologist, Elena has a hand in designing our flexible logistics options that will enable us to send our product directly from the plant to our customers via their preferred mode of transport with shorter lead times.

According to Elena, “Although Shell Polymers may be a new business, I’m constantly impressed by the talent we’ve acquired across the business, from the commercial teams and plant professionals through to the technical teams in the application hall. The discussions I hear leave no doubt that I’m surrounded by seasoned industry pioneers who are experts in their respective fields. Our customers will certainly be able to leverage deep know-how when they work with us.”

“The discussions I hear leave no doubt that I’m surrounded by seasoned industry pioneers who are experts in their respective fields.”

- Elena Wilson

What sets Shell Polymers apart from other polyethylene suppliers is that we are throwing out the book on how things are typically done in the polyethylene industry and writing its own set of rules centered around our customers. Customers don’t have to choose us. But, once they see how we consistently operate with them in mind, while still providing high-quality product, they’ll want to work with us.

Elena is thrilled to see Shell bringing a huge investment and good jobs to Pennsylvania. She hopes that the Shell Polymers business and new polyethylene plant will bring a lot of prosperity and a positive outlook for residents of the local area and beyond.


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