One Step Closer to Making Polyethylene

Building a business from the ground up is no minor undertaking. With major projects like the Monaca, PA polyethylene plant, each milestone, whether big or small, is both anticipated and joyously celebrated by team members across all departments.

With so much needed to prepare for start up, we’ve assembled teams dedicated to getting the plant up and running. These people include production operators who are training to monitor plant operations once we start up, to procurement professionals who are coordinating third-party vendors. Leading up to plant start up, our plant operations team are tirelessly training to equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to ensure we produce high-quality resin.

Supply Chain Professionals Make Your Job Easier

Plastics converters have a tough job. Not only do they oversee a wide variety of business functions like advanced forecasting, price negotiations, and supply chain management, they also coordinate with suppliers around the world to plan and execute each project.

Our team of supply chain and logistics professionals have years of experience in their respective area that they’re putting to use to make your job easier.

Discover how our production operators prepared for the first shift in the control building here.

Address Converter Challenges and Get a More Reliable Experience

Address Converter Challenges and Get a More Reliable Experience

Discover how Shell Polymers is helping converters overcome common supply chain challenges.

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What the Winter Storm in Texas Taught Us About Risk Mitigation

Coming out of a tumultuous 2020, polyethylene suppliers near the Gulf Coast found themselves facing a rare occurrence – winter storm warnings.

Leveraging Modern Production Technology to Build a Better Plant

Take a closer look at our polyethylene plant’s digitalization technologies and see how they will benefit customers (spoiler alert: they improve our supply chain reliability).

How Shell Polymers Challenges the Status Quo with Logistics Technology

Shell Polymers’ plant will feature state-of-the-art logistics technology that will allow us to work hand-in-hand with our customers.

New Ways of Working That Could Change the Game for Converters

Disruptive startups face challenges, but they also have the flexibility to support their customers more effectively with innovative systems and the latest production technology.