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Northeast Location Streamlines Transport Processes

A majority of North American polyethylene production comes from the US petrochemical epicenter in the Gulf Coast. Despite that concentration, most North American polyethylene buyers are located in the Northeast/Midwest of the country. So, we asked ourselves, why not go to them?

By building our state-of-the-art polyethylene plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania, we strategically set up our resin transport capabilities to combat logistical challenges like rail congestion and supply disruptions. We will have both rail and trucking capabilities that provide several methods for our customers to acquire resin across a reliable road and rail network. This helps us to deliver quality resin ratably, timely, and efficiently for better peace of mind.

These benefits are driven by:

  • State-of-the-art silo to top truck loading sets us up to prepare shipments in under an hour, enabling us to get resin to converters quicker.
  • Shorter transit times with lower variability thanks to industry-leading trucking capabilities.
  • Higher volumes of product quicker because our Storage In Transit (SIT) yard is centrally-located outside of Pittsburgh and allows us to collaborate easier with nearby railroads.

Of course, we don't just rely on our Northeast location to improve logistics. We are also implementing the latest technology to track and manage product/process data. This will not only keep our customers in-the-know about their orders from the moment they leave the plant but will also drive more educated business decisions by providing greater visibility.

SIT Yard Located to Mitigate Risk

Owned and operated by Shell Polymers, our SIT yard near Pittsburgh, PA provides additional railcar space and enables us to be more flexible for our customers. Full ownership of the SIT yards also allows us more flexibility when responding to customer requests because we don’t have to negotiate with a third-party owner. Instead of having to wait for product to be loaded and shipped, our SIT yard allows us to store cars and have them ready to be released at a moment’s notice. That means faster, more reliable service for our customers and more confidence in their supply at all times.

Weatherproof Plant Designed to Run All Year Long

To provide converters with a reliable polyethylene supply, Shell Polymers has built its plant to operate at peak function through common supply disruptions such as natural disasters and harsh weather conditions.

In addition to winterizing our plant, we strategically located our plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania. In Western Pennsylvania, we’re out of reach from hurricanes and allows us to be more prepared for freezing temperatures. Because of how we built our facility, we do not react to winter weather as we are prepared for it, so our customers won’t have to scramble to find resin.

Built to Withstand

Freeze Protection Up to -27F

Winter conditions have historically presented major challenges to polyethylene converters in their production environments and supply chains. That's why we've "winterized" our plant to withstand temperatures up to -27F.

Elevated Plant Site for Flood

Heavy rainfall is another significant challenge for polyethylene converters. To protect our plant in the event of flooding, we’ve raised the elevation to allow operations to safely continue.

Supplier processes and data transparency

Making educated decisions for your business requires transparency across the entire supply chain. Shell Polymers has invested in advanced technology that will last for years to come, giving converters transparency into our operations and streamlining processes for a seamless customer experience.

Discover Supply Chain Transparency

Anatomy of a State-of-the-Art PE Plant