High-Quality Pellets for Your Film Needs

Polyethylene film is a popular choice due to its thin yet durable composition. Plastic film is made from a variety of polyethylene resins, including Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), along with other types of plastic such as Polypropylene (PP) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

While HDPE and LLDPE film are both in the polyethylene family, the materials provide plastic converters with specific benefits that make them ideal for different applications.

For example, HDPE is well known for the following benefits when used as a film:

  • Moisture and chemical resistance
  • High material strength
  • Affordable and reusable

These qualities make it ideal for applications such as deep-freezer bags or liquid packaging for household chemical products like detergents and cleaning supplies.

LLDPE is well known for qualities such as:

  • Resistance to acids and oils
  • Clear, glossy appearance
  • Resistance to environmental stress cracking
  • High puncture and impact resistance

LLDPE is often used for protective packaging, such as shrink or stretch films for food packaging, due to its high resistance to breaking and outside contaminants.

Whether you’re looking for HDPE or LLDPE, or both, Shell Polymers can help find the best resin for your specific needs. We are focused on providing high-quality, consistent LLDPE and HDPE resins. That includes providing customers with the lowest dust-containing pellets to ensure quality and provide peace of mind that our pellets will run smoothly through your equipment.

Key markets for blown film

Food and Beverage

Food and beverages continue to be one of the fastest-growing spaces in plastics. To keep up with demand, converters need a consistent and confident PE supply. That’s why Shell Polymers will provide HDPE and LLDPE for use across many food and beverage packaging applications.

Polymer Packaging

The film used for polymer packaging is a critical part of innovation and growth in both consumer and industrial applications.


Quality Control Converters Can Rely On

To set our technical service team up for success, we're filling the applications hall with state-of-the-art commercial equipment and implementing best-in-class quality control standards. As a result, customers can work hand-in-hand with our experts to test or qualify resin without having to shut down their business’ production lines. Customers can also rely on Shell Polymers to provide high-quality resin with low amounts of floss, dust, and angel hairs.

Dust becomes a major issue as it causes pellets to bounce and chip. That’s why Shell Polymers gives converters the lowest dust-containing pellets to ensure high-quality resin and provide peace of mind when the pellets run through machines. To provide that high-quality resin, we use scalperators to remove dust and angel hair from the pellets, removing the challenges they cause from converters’ operations.

Our Analytical Lab will also be a key component when it comes to producing the right pellet for our customers. Our lab will analyze the properties of the ingredients that go into a product and ensure that what we deliver is what our customers need.

Leveraging Polymer Processing Aids in PE Blown Film

Discover how you can use polymer processing aids to boost film production and quality.

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In-House Polyethylene Film Expertise

dan falla
Dan Falla

Dan Falla, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Film

Dan Falla has spent more than 30 years helping customers to innovate in new product and application development, and is a Fellow with the Society of Plastics Engineers, Membership Chair Flexible Packaging Division, Recycle Division Councilor a Fellow with the Society of Plastics Engineers. Dan is a Lifetime Achievement recipient with the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada.

Shaun Pirtle, Senior Technical Service Engineer & Competency Advisor
Shaun Pirtle

Senior Technical Service Engineer & Competency Advisor 

Shaun Pirtle has more than 34 years of experience in polyolefins manufacturing, customer support, and product innovation. Before joining the Shell Polymer team, Shaun worked for major North American film and resin producers in product development and as the Application Technology Leader for the Industrial & Consumer Packaging segment.

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