Our Pennsylvania Chemicals Project is one of the largest economic development projects in the U.S. In fact, our complex will be the first Shell-owned and operated polyethylene production facility in the Americas.

In order to get to know Shell Polymers, it’s important you know Shell’s level of knowledge in the chemicals space. Right now, Shell currently produces over 500,000 tons of polyethylene per year through the CSPC Nanhai petrochemicals joint venture in China. Each year, Shell supplies more than 18 million tons of petrochemicals to around 1,000 major industrial customers worldwide. Our products are trusted to make numerous everyday items, from clothing and cars to detergents and bicycle helmets.

The innovation doesn’t stop with Shell, but extends to our chemicals division as well. Shell Chemicals’ plants produce a range of base chemicals, including ethylene, propylene and aromatics, as well as intermediate chemicals such as styrene monomer, propylene oxide, solvents, detergent alcohols, ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol. Fun fact: Shell has the capacity to produce over 6 million tons of ethylene a year.

Our long-time history of dependable production and deep experience in chemical production, you can count on Shell Polymers to get you what you need—when you need it.

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Accessible Pennsylvania Polyethylene Plant

Seventy percent of current polyethylene buyers are within 700 miles of our plant in Pennsylvania—and that’s no accident. We strategically placed our petrochemical facility in Monaca to increase efficiency and provide customers with a logistical advantage, as well as to help build up the community by providing jobs and infrastructure.

The Shell Polymers Difference

Shell Polymers has built a team of diverse and passionate industry pioneers who believe in putting people first. Combined with a new facility, innovative tools, and the backing of Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Polymers is equipped to bring you an unrivaled customer experience.