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Our Featured Polymer Expert

Plastics processing guru. Patents holder. PE film expert. Passionate about collaborating with customers. Meet Polymer Pioneer, Dan Falla.

Technical Industry Expertise at Your Fingertips

Many of our Polymer Pros and Pioneers have spent decades working in the polymers industry. Like Shell Polymers’ Process Engineer, Brooke Gill. Brooke is an experienced engineer with more than a decade of experience in the petrochemicals industry. 

Building Teams Dedicated to Customer Success

From project managers to sales professionals, Shell Polymers is focused on building teams dedicated to your company’s success. Our General Manager, Emma Lewis has been working in polyethylene for 25 years and is heading up Shell Polymers; vision to create an unrivaled customer experience in the PE industry.

Supporting Customers with Industry Expertise

Our team of experts are just one piece of the puzzle. At Shell Polymers, we’re reshaping the polyethylene industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology and a state-of-the-art PE plant to build a customer-centric business that puts converters first.

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How We’re Redefining the Polyethylene Industry

At Shell Polymers, we’re building a new kind of experience—one that will Break the Mold of what customers expect from a polyethylene supplier.

Shell Polymers Community Involvement

At Shell Polymers, we believe in the power of community. This means becoming part of the local infrastructure and supporting projects that are important to residents.

Discover the Latest PE Insights

Shell Polymers is dedicated to highlighting industry advancements, tracking trends that impact converters, and providing insights backed by credible market research.