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At Shell Polymers, we are building an application hall on-site that will serve as a technological hub for the region and will offer a place for customers like you to collaborate with us.

The application hall will contain commercial-sized conversion units for multi-layer LLDPE film, high-molecular weight film, pipe, injection molding, and blow molding to provide technical support to customers right in their backyard.

The center will also be the home of 60 Polymer Pioneers and Pros, broken into three specific teams:

  1. Laboratory and analytical pros supporting testing for the operating units, as well as material testing for the application hall.
  2. Technical service pioneers that can answer any technical questions you might have.
  3. Technology pros that provide support to operating assets and projects in various phases of development.

Meet Your Team of Polymer Pioneers

Meet Our Tech Team

Carl Baker

Carl Baker
Senior Technical Service Engineer—Pipe

Carl Baker is a Shell Polymers Pioneer with over 36 years’ experience helping customers innovate in pipe applications. Carl holds leadership positions in several key industry organizations, including the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Canadian Standards Association, and is a past board member of the Plastic Pipe Institute.

Adriana Velasquez

Adriana Velasquez
Senior Technical Service Engineer—Rotomolding

Adriana Velasquez is a Shell Polymers Pro with over 10 years’ experience helping customers innovate in pipe applications. Prior to joining Shell Polymers, Adriana was the Application Development Leader for the non-pressure pipe business and micro-irrigation segments.

Dan Falla

Dan Falla
Senior Technical Service EngineerFilm

Dan Falla is a Shell Polymers Pioneer with over 30 years’ experience helping customers innovate in new product and application development. Dan is currently Membership Chair for the Society of Plastics Engineers’ (SPE) Flexible Packaging Division, where he also serves as Councilor to the main board and has recently been inducted as a Fellow. 

Dan Moldovan

Dan Moldovan
Team LeaderTechnical Services

Dan Moldovan is a Shell Polymers Pioneer with over 30 years’ experience helping customers innovate in injection molding, blow film & extrusion. He worked in Polyolefins his whole career- most of those years spent in Technical Services & Development (TS&D) where he worked in the areas of injection molding, blown film & extrusion.

Elena Gonzalez

Elena Wilson
Senior TechnologistFinishing

Elena began her career at Shell as a Solids Handling Engineer. Aside from her recent BA experience, most of her roles have been technical or operations based and have spanned everything from system/component designs to daily plant support to supply chain planning and logistics.

Todd Whittemore

Todd Whittemore
Global Technology ManagerPolyethylene

Todd Whittemore is a Shell Polymers Pioneer with over 27 years at Shell helping customers innovate in technology. With regards to the Shell Polymers, Todd is a “founding member” having led site selection, the process design, and early formation of the site operations team.

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