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Related Conversion Processes

HDPE plastic is used in a vast number of conversion processes. With so many potential end products, the demand for HDPE has steadily increased for decades. 

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Blow Molding

Blow molded HDPE is used to make hollow products such as industrial containers and drums, liquid containers and more.

Injection Molding

Injection molded LLDPE and HDPE is used to make caps, bottle closures, toys and more.

Pipe Extrusion

Pipe extruded HDPE is used to make conduit, corrugated and pressure pipe.

Related Markets

Due to its impact resistance and durability, HDPE plastic is used in a number of markets.

Food & Beverage

Polymer packaging made with LLDPE or HDPE helps protect food from delivery and shipping to your kitchen.


Depending on the product’s desired properties, HDPE and LLDPE are used to make industrial packaging and blown film.


Crates in this market benefit from the sheer tensile strength that only HDPE can provide.


HDPE is one of the most popular pipe materials for utilities because of its strength and weather-resistant advantages.


Durable and leak-resistant containers for household chemicals can be made with HDPE or LLDPE.


Manufacturing products such as crates, blown film and drums benefit from HDPE or LLDPE, depending on the use case.

Outdoor Living

A popular choice for outdoor applications, HDPE and LLDPE ensures patio furniture can withstand the elements.


LLDPE and HDPE helps provides toys with flexibility and durability—keeping them safe from little hands that might break them.


HDPE and LLDPE are used to create containers that can safely store agricultural products.

Personal Care

Cosmetics containers made from HDPE are more durable, making the trip down the assembly line to the consumer’s cabinet a smooth one.


Pennsylvania Location

Located in Monaca, Pennsylvania, Shell Polymers is the first Northeastern polyethylene plant. Since the majority of plastics converters live within 700 miles of our plant, we built our plant with converters like you top of mind.

One of our primary goals for customers has always been to help you get your material faster and more efficiently, whether by railcar or truck—and we’re set up to accomplish just that.

Learn more about how our location gives us a logistical advantage.

State-of-the-Art Technology

When entering the polyethylene space, we conducted 1,000 hours of interviews with converters to learn how we can improve the overall experience. Since then, we haven’t stopped listening to converters and we’ve learned that the entire industry is craving more transparency and supplier support.

At Shell Polymers, our customers can take advantage of the latest technologies to help them manage their business, from the easy-to-use supplier onboarding portal to managing such business insights as past order history, agreed volume levels, on-time delivery performance and more, to support their business planning.

Check out other ways we’re powering supply reliability.

Our People

Our customer relationship coordinators (CRCs) are dedicated to their designated converter’s business growth and overall success.

Through an internal tool, every CRC has a 360° view of each converter—which means our CRCs truly understand the ins and outs of your business and are able to provide tailored support that meets your communication preferences.

Learn more about how our people have their ear to the ground.