What does it take to be a Supplier to Shell Polymers?

At Shell Polymers, we are committed to working responsibly and safely. We require that all employees and suppliers:

  • Are diligent to ensure no harm comes to people or the environment
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Respect our neighbors
  • Intervene on unsafe acts or non-compliant situations

Shell Polymers selection criteria for suppliers includes (though may not be limited to) the following:

  • Exemplary and consistent health, safety and environmental performance
  • Proven management systems capability
  • Demonstrated financial capability
  • Demonstrated Commercial performance
  • Commitment to employing and providing benefits to the local community
  • Ability to deliver consistent product and/or service quality
  • Innovative problem solving that maximizes efficiency and safety

How does Shell Polymers qualify Suppliers providing a service?

We have standard minimum pre-qualification requirements for potential suppliers. They may include (but may not be limited to):

  • An acceptable HSSE management system and performance
  • Successful registration, complete document submittal, evaluation and maintenance of a third-party safety audit (if required, this process will be initiated by Shell Polymers)
  • An Alcohol and Drug policy in place, which may require site-access testing
  • Capability to supply compliant equipment and related services
  • Capability to supply trained and competent personnel
  • Demonstrable capability, experience and capacity for the relevant scope for which the supplier is being considered
  • Proof of minimum insurance requirements
  • An acceptable financial rating upon Shell Polymers’ assessment of company

How does Shell Polymers contract with suppliers?

  • Shell Polymers will typically initiate a sourcing process by issuing a “Request for Information”, which will include a questionnaire aimed at technically assessing suppliers’ ability and suitability to perform the relevant scope. At this point, a supplier may be “pre-qualified”
  • Subsequently, suppliers may then be issued a “Request for Proposal”, which will include the relevant contractual, commercial, and related qualification material
  • Upon conclusion of a “Request for Proposal”, successful participating suppliers may enter into a contract with Shell Polymers for the provision of goods and/or services for a prescribed period of time
  • Participating suppliers who may have been unsuccessful during the “Request for Proposal” may express interest in future similar scopes

Supplying and Contracting with Shell Polymers

At Shell Polymers, we value diversity and inclusion in our supply chain. This website provides insight into Shell Polymers’ supply chain and opportunities to get involved.

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