“Welcome to our Contracts and Procurement homepage! Our success is directly linked to our service providers, and we invite you to explore and learn more about how Shell Polymers/Pennsylvania Chemicals does business”

Jeff Krafve, General Manager - Pennsylvania Chemicals

At Shell Polymers, we will require an array of goods and services to support the operation of the facility once it is constructed. These goods and services will range from provision of grounds maintenance to supply of materials used in manufacturing polyethylene. Wherever possible, we prioritize procurement of goods and/or services from local suppliers who meet our rigorous safety and quality standards.

Shell Polymers’ commitment to delivering our vision safely means we take great care in selecting suppliers. Among other minimum requirements, we ensure all of our suppliers comply with our Shell Supplier Principles, which provide a simple and consistent framework of our expectations for all our suppliers in the following areas:

  • Business integrity
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment
  • Labor conditions and human rights
  • Social performance

To fulfil this vision, we encourage locally and regionally owned businesses that would like to be considered as a supplier to Shell Polymers to get in touch via our website.

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