Elizabeth Tyler, Commissioning and Startup Deputy for Polyethylene Logistics

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Elizabeth Tyler

Commissioning and Startup Deputy for Logistics

As the construction of its new polyethylene (PE) plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania continues, Shell Polymers has been hiring a team of industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, with proven track records in polymers. In this Polymer Profile, we talked to Elizabeth Tyler, Commissioning and Startup Deputy for PE Logistics, to learn more about her career and what she’s doing to ensure quality on the first day of operations -- and before.

Solving Problems Proactively

Elizabeth is part of a team that works constantly to optimize work processes and provide Shell Polymers’ core team the most telling and accurate information that can enable a smooth plant start. Her team collaborates on a daily basis with construction, project, and asset teams to identify opportunities for improvement and to ensure that the teams are all prepared for plant commissioning activities.

The team isn’t leaving a successful startup to chance; rather, they are helping to build processes and procedures that will enable a smooth launch and reliable ongoing operations. Elizabeth’s typical day includes:

  • Time in the field to advance commissioning and startup activities that support product logistics;
  • Studying the equipment to ensure that it will have the most efficient preventative maintenance plan;
  • Identifying possible production problems before the plant even starts up.

"Our dedication to our customers and the relationships that the organization has across different divisions of our team is what sets Shell Polymers apart.” - Elizabeth Tyler

Tech Builds Trust

Elizabeth and her team are using a range of modern technology to help them stay on track and ensure the plant and production will run efficiently and continuously. For example, Elizabeth utilizes a custom work process tool to capture and prioritize threats and opportunities for optimization. Preventative equipment maintenance tasks and studies are recorded using a web-based management system that enables immediate sharing and cataloging.

Operators, maintenance teams, and technicians will be utilizing portable, handheld equipment to perform routine duties such as recording data during their rounds and completing procedures with signoffs. This will significantly increase efficiency along with providing direct field access -- and shared knowledge -- to other applications.

"Our digital tools allow us to work efficiently in the field and essentially bring the office with us.” - Elizabeth Tyler

Collaboration Is A Two-Way Street

Elizabeth says customers will be empowered by the plant’s innovation center. There, converters will get the analysis and assistance to best understand the products they’re seeking. She asks converters to share their ideas with us. The constant goal will be to create new opportunities for converters through open lines of communication that drive collaboration.

That’s been Shell Polymers’ game plan all along. We're responsive because we’re always listening to the industry, our customer’s issues, and more. Acting on insights, we’re setting up our entire supply chain to address customer concern points and quickly act to mitigate any challenges or issues that may arise. 

Four Resources That Help Elizabeth Deliver a Quality Customer Experience

  • Logistics infrastructure

    Direct trucking capabilities enable reliable supply and smaller delivery windows, simplifying demand forecasting and inventory management for our customers.

  • Shipping system tracking technology

    This will provide a higher level of accuracy to ensure we know where the product is located, where it is going, and what product is heading to our customers.

  • In-house monitoring tools

    Portable, handheld equipment allows workers in the field to record and share real-time data to keep the plant running and quickly get ahead of problems.

  • The innovation center

    Where our customers can run trials, analyze pellets, and leverage our experts to get the product solutions that best drive their business.

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