Photo of Chris Jackson, Production Unit Manager - Logistics

Meet Our Pro

Chris Jackson

Production Unit Logistics Manager

Chris Jackson has been a keynote speaker at major industry conferences and is a Shell “Dealmaker of the Year,” thanks to his work to help uncover opportunities that will save the business more than $65 million. Chris also has three Executive Vice President Awards: Deliver Business Results (2014), Beat the Competition – Focus on Cost Efficiency (2017); and Goal Zero (2016).

Aside from his professional endeavors, Chris enjoys serving the community by mentoring students and supporting their science and mathematics studies.

How Production Unit Logistics Managers Support Customers

To give you a flavor of his job, it includes managing the state-of-the-art hopper washing facility, where Shell Polymers’ highly capable wash team meticulously cleans, inspects and prepares every hopper car for carrying product. He also oversees our team of highly trained and experienced loaders, who ensure that our customers receive the right product and that it has the quality that they expect.

It’s my job to ensure that our polyethylene reaches our customers safely, on time and in the same great quality that we manufacture it, whether it arrives by rail or truck.

To create an unrivaled customer experience within his department, Chris is focused on three different areas. First, he’s created a team that believes in the culture Shell Polymers is building in Monaca. Everyone he hires lives by the company values and has a customer-centric perspective in their work.

Second, he helped design Shell Polymers’ logistical operations to ensure processes provide the flexibility to make real-time adjustments to shipments and meet our customers’ volume needs because he knows that’s critical.

We ensure that our customers’ needs are not only met but also exceeded whenever possible.

Third, he encourages his team to request regular feedback from the sales team, so they remain well-informed about customer needs. This helps us not just meet, but exceed customers’ needs whenever possible.

Chris’ Four Favorite Features of Shell Polymers Logistics

  • Smart Monitoring

    We are installing smart monitoring systems for our rail and truck shipments to help minimize transportation delays.

  • Inventory Tracking

    We are using an automated inventory tracking system that will provide more transparency for customers.

  • Strategic Location

    The site’s strategic location close to most of the USA’s converters and our ability to ship by either road or rail will help us to eliminate operational holdups and enable customers to reduce their working capital.

  • Unwavering Product Quality

    We have carefully designed our processes to ensure that they preserve the quality of our products.

What Sets Shell Polymers Apart

Chris and our logistics team believes our culture and values set us apart. We’re striving to build an environment people want to work in, produce a product customers want to buy, and offer a customer experience that is unlike anything else in the sector.

Our location and transportation options also set us apart. We are close to our customers and have designed a nimble transportation infrastructure that Chris is particularly proud of. Shell has made significant investments in both rail and road, even moving a state highway that would have cut through part of the site. All these decisions were made with consideration for local residents and business partners.

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