Polymer Profile Bob Butella, Polyethylene Product Manager

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Bob Butella

Polyethylene Product Manager

As the construction of its new polyethylene (PE) plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania continues, Shell Polymers has hired a team of industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, with proven track records in polymers. In this Polymer Profile, we talked to Bob Butella, PE Product Manager, to learn more about his career and what he’s doing to ensure our business delivers unrivaled results.

Finger on the Pulse of Polymers

Bob diligently assesses PE market conditions to generate the latest ideas and insights to help converters stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape. While on the job, he leverages external industry reports to understand the industry and customer needs. He also reviews sales results and forecasts to anticipate future trends and drive business growth.

For Bob, the role is a homecoming of sorts. Bob was raised in Pittsburgh and is a huge Steelers fan. He’s proud to have Shell Polymers contributing to his hometown area.

"I keep a pulse on the PE market, working closely with the sales and operations teams to help our business deliver unrivaled results.” - Bob Butella

Putting a Spotlight on What Stands Out

Bob’s role also involves helping customers learn about and leverage the teams, tools, and techniques at Shell Polymers’ new PE plant.

That includes the state-of-the-art application hall aimed at furthering the supplier/customer technical service relationship. There, converters can use our lines to troubleshoot issues, raise operational performance, conduct product trials, and consult our Polymer Pioneers and Pros.

Located within 700 miles of most North American PE buyers, the plant’s Pennsylvania location offers logistical advantages. Our site reduces the risk of weather-related supply interruptions compared to other suppliers. And truck logistics at the Monaca site will provide direct deliveries from our manufacturing plant to the entire Northeast region, giving converters a strategic resin transport option in addition to rail.

"In today’s volatile market and supply chain conditions, maintaining open lines of communication with suppliers can create collaborative opportunities and expose new insights across the relationship.” - Bob Butella

Contending with Customer Curiosity

Bob has plenty of opportunities to share the plant’s unique benefits with customers who have been peppering him with queries about what they can expect. Questions include what products the plant will be supplying (it’ll be wide-ranging), its business continuity plan (the facility’s design has weather-proofing in mind, and logistics capabilities (multimodal and flexible). Soon, converters will be able to experience for themselves the options and advantages the plant will bring.

When he’s not powering progress for our customers, Bob enjoys traveling to the Texas hill country with his family, where they soak in the beautiful rivers and take in the outdoors.

Four Priorities That Will Help Bob Deliver an Unrivaled Customer Experience

  • Fast customer response

    Shell Polymers will be prompt on all new business opportunity requests so converters can capitalize on business potential.

  • Locking in customers’ prices

    The Shell team will move to approve price negotiations to give converters certainty quickly.

  • Getting production right

    Our production crew will effectively analyze the demand forecast to best guide the plant’s production plan.

  • Maintaining the right stock

    The Monaca facility will carefully manage the plant’s inventory profile to have on hand what converters want and need.

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