Disrupting the Polyethylene Industry with a Learners Mindset

One of the key ways that Shell Polymers is disrupting the industry is through the culture we are striving to create. And, it’s what will ultimately make the most difference to our customers. Whether it’s being genuinely curious, never settling, and being brave enough to challenge the status quo, Shell Polymers is striving to create an entrepreneurial culture within our business by embracing the learners mindset as we continue to design systems and build processes that put people first. This entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the financial backing and technological expertise of Royal Dutch Shell, means we are empowered to make bold moves to Break the Mold in the polyethylene industry.

Shell Polymers is taking a learner’s mindset to building its business by:

  1. Bringing in experts from across the industry, from many different companies, all with strong polymer backgrounds who bring different perspectives to the team.
  2. Working with numerous external companies, a variety of different consultants who bring lots of different ideas and experiences.
  3. Encouraging a diverse company culture by deliberately bringing in people from different backgrounds, industries, and varying levels of experience.

Backed by an in-depth understanding of converter challenges, we optimize customer experiences by streamlining supply and logistics management from order to delivery by leveraging advanced technology, embracing diverse perspectives, and implementing forward-thinking processes.

Why Collaborate with Shell Polymers?

Enhancing Customer Experiences with Plant Location

Make the Future

Enhancing Customer Experiences with Plant Location

Shell Polymers’ new Pennsylvania-based polyethylene plant is expected to create jobs for the local community and will provide customers with a reliable and efficient source of PE. Advantages of the new plant include:

  • Advanced, real-time logistics capabilities
  • Reliable and varied polyethylene supply
  • Dedicated account teams, regardless of company size

Bringing Diversity to the Industry

Title: Bringing Diversity to the Industry

Duration: 1:17


A short video of Emma Lewis speaking about Shell Polymers diverse workforce.

Emma Lewis Transcript

[Emma Lewis, speaking to camera]

So the industry is changing. There is quite a large span, you know, we have a lot of individuals that are sort of they’ve been in the industry a long time, they’re very experienced. And then we have a gap; and we have a lot of younger people, and we’re seeing that reflected both in our workforce but also in the customer. And ultimately we want to be able to mirror, you know, what the customer does. I also think that creativity that comes from diversity is really important. So, we have people in my team who have different upbringings, they come from different countries, they’ve had different work experiences. All of those things bring a hugely different perspective to what we are trying to do, and they really drive creative problem solutions and really just generate a much, much better product.

[End slide]

Creative Problem Solving

That’s one way we Break the Mold.