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A Deep Understanding of Converter Challenges

The outcome of those interviews? A deeper understanding of what customers look for in polyethylene suppliers and areas we can improve the relationship. For example, converters told us there is an opportunity to make issues like delayed deliveries more manageable by reporting them proactively. Similarly, we discovered having resources like a dedicated customer service team member who understands the unique needs of an account would ease the stress of placing rush orders.

That’s why we’re creating a supply chain that incorporates innovative ordering and fulfillment technologies—all to increase supply chain efficiency, alleviate stress, and boost growth.

Bringing Diverse Perspectives to the Table

At Shell Polymers, we are bringing people into our team who have different upbringings, come from different countries, and have different work experiences. All of those viewpoints bring various perspectives on the industry, to what we are trying to do, and help drive creative problem solutions.

Ensuring Diversity in the Polymer Industry

Title: Bringing Diversity to the Industry

Duration: 1:17


A short video of Emma Lewis speaking about Shell Polymers diverse workforce.

Emma Lewis Transcript

[Emma Lewis, speaking to camera]

So the industry is changing. There is quite a large span, you know, we have a lot of individuals that are sort of they’ve been in the industry a long time, they’re very experienced. And then we have a gap; and we have a lot of younger people, and we’re seeing that reflected both in our workforce but also in the customer. And ultimately we want to be able to mirror, you know, what the customer does. I also think that creativity that comes from diversity is really important. So, we have people in my team who have different upbringings, they come from different countries, they’ve had different work experiences. All of those things bring a hugely different perspective to what we are trying to do, and they really drive creative problem solutions and really just generate a much, much better product.

[End slide]

Creative Problem Solving

That’s one way we Break the Mold.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Customer Experiences

Our technology solutions will be specifically designed to streamline behind-the-scenes operational processes, so company experts are more efficient and can focus their energy on our customers. The tools will also use a robust notification system to keep converters in the know proactively, so last-minute surprises can be reduced.

At Shell Polymers, introducing new tools and processes is just one way we’re delivering unrivaled customer experiences. Pairing our team of industry experts with technology like this will help converters prevent operational snafus and cut down on costly delays in their entire supply chain. From the account managers who help drive continuous business growth to our technical service pioneers who provide first-class customer support, converters can rest easy knowing that their business is being supported.

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