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The outcome of those interviews? A deeper understanding of what customers look for in a polyethylene supplier and areas in which we can improve the relationship. That’s why we’re creating a supply chain that incorporates innovative ordering and fulfillment technologies—all to increase supply chain efficiency, alleviate stress and increase your growth. (That’s what we like to call a win/win/win.)

However, introducing new tools and processes is just one way we’re delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

At Shell Polymers, we have also focused on building teams that are dedicated to your success. From our sales pros who help drive continuous business growth to our technical service pioneers who provide first-class customer support, you can rest easy knowing that your business is being supported.


Understand the Shell Polymers Difference

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Discover how Shell Polymers plans to Break the Mold in the PE industry with a new customer experience.

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The Shell Polymers Difference

Shell Polymers has built a team of diverse and passionate industry pioneers who believe in putting people first. Combined with a new facility, innovative tools, and the backing of Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Polymers is equipped to bring you an unrivaled customer experience.

Shell Polymers is Changing the Game in Polymer Technology

Say goodbye to mountains of spreadsheets and hello to new ordering tools. We are changing the way you do business, so you focus on what’s most important—growth.