Backed by original research and interviews with a diverse range of plastics professionals, Shell Polymers is dedicated to creating a stronger polyethylene supply chain. Supported by the expertise of Royal Dutch Shell and an industry-leading team of polyethylene experts with proven track records, Shell Polymers is reimagining how the latest state-of-the-art plant technologies and streamlined processes can provide an unrivaled customer experience.

Shell Polymers is going to Break the Mold in the PE industry with a state-of-the-art plant located in Monaca, PA, within 700 miles of the majority of North American polyethylene buyers, helping to reduce logistical challenges by eliminating supply disruptions due to weather patterns and leveraging new technology. 

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Polymer Trends

Make the Future

Polymer Trends

How Industry Shifts Will Affect Polyethylene Production

Download the report to delve deeper into these changes with commentary from our Polymer Pros and Pioneers on how they anticipate shifts affecting converters in 2021.

More Than a Polymer Supplier

Our Team of Polymer Experts

Meet our team of dedicated experts who have spent years or even decades within the industry to lend their expertise to the construction of Shell Polymers' processes.

A New Customer Experience

As the industry’s digital capabilities continue to expand, customers are expecting a more informed consumer experience with greater visibility into supply chain management, order traceability, security measures, and more.

Supply Chain Transparency

Increase supply chain efficiency, alleviate stress and increase growth with a supply chain that incorporates innovative ordering and fulfillment technologies.

Community Engagement

Shell Polymers supports the local community by providing lucrative learning and career opportunities, STEM program support, and supplies for income-restricted families.