Priority Areas

Shell Pipeline will consider charitable contributions to eligible non-profit organizations for programs that fall within three priority areas:

1. Science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) education & workforce development

Shell Pipeline aims to contribute to the lives of people in the communities in which we operate by increasing educational opportunities and promoting employment pathways that could lead to a future career in the energy industry. Shell Pipeline supports local organizations with a variety of educational initiatives, paying special attention to K-12 programs that boost STEM skills and prepare a future workforce for the energy industry. Requests that demonstrate a broader long-term impact over smaller one-time activities are prioritized.

2. Environmental stewardship

Protecting the environment is a top priority for Shell Pipeline and our employees. This commitment includes supporting local projects that promote environmental stewardship – including restoration and protection of critical ecosystems – and wildlife conservation and/or habitat initiatives.

3. Health, safety and emergency preparedness

In line with Shell’s dedication to safety both inside and outside of our fence line, Shell Pipeline supports organizations and initiatives that enhance public safety. This could include local community emergency preparedness programs, training opportunities for first responders, etc.

Geographic Focus

Shell Pipeline prioritizes charitable contributions to eligible non-profit organizations working in our operational footprint. Below is a list of counties/parishes that will be prioritized:

Eligibility Criteria

Shell Pipeline supports a wide range of charitable organizations that are tax-exempt in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. However, we will not consider contributions for the following purposes:

  • Individuals
  • Private foundations
  • Non-profit organizations without a current 501(c)(3) exempt status
  • Conferences, workshops or seminars not directly related to Shell business interests
  • Religious organizations that do not serve the general public on a non-denominational basis

Shell Pipeline does not accept unsolicited grant requests. If your organization meets eligibility criteria, geographic focus and you have a program that falls into our priority areas, please contact Shelley Piehet, Public Awareness Advisor to find out more about the application process.