• Map


    Track location and movement of all vehicles with satellite map view, Google Street View, and live* traffic information.

  • Journey History

    Journey History

    Review all journeys made with date, time, start, and finish locations, drivetime, and distance travelled.

  • Driver Performance

    Driver Performance

    Rate each driver’s driving behavior score based on the length and severity of the speeding, acceleration, idling time, and braking events.

  • Vehicle Performance

    Vehicle Performance

    Get timely maintenance reminders and fuel-efficiency reports.

  • Business/Private Mileage

    Business/Private Mileage

    Get reports detailing all journeys by driver to enable business/private mileage claims.

  • Geo-Plus


    Set up geo-fencing to get alerts based on needs – e.g. alerts when vehicle leaves city limits.

*Standard is near real-time data, with real-time data available in some options.