Every fleet is different. Some fleet managers are ready to electrify their fleet, others are not. No matter where you are in your journey, Shell Fleet Solutions can help you with a range of customizable solutions that encourage efficiency and sustainability.

For those ready to embrace EV, Shell Recharge Solutions provides customized, turn-key EV charging solutions for your fleet, and helps take care of every step on your journey to electrification. With At Home, On The Go, and Destination/Depot/Hub solutions, you can maximize your operational performance, fleet reliability and total cost of ownership to meet the logistical needs of your business.

Contact us using the form below so you can be paired with your Shell Key Account Manager to understand your unique business and harness the power of Shell to implement the solutions you need to effectively compete throughout this energy transition!

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Shell Fleet Cards

We offer a portfolio of universal and proprietary fuel cards that provide businesses with more convenience, control, savings, and security.

Shell Telematics

We strive to make Telematics as simple as possible, providing actionable insights and expert advice to help you find the right solution for your fleet.

Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub

We are proud to offer a fleet maintenance program that allows customers to manage their entire fleet’s maintenance needs using a comprehensive online dashboard.