Letter from the Editor:

Andrea Brecka

Safety is paramount for fleets, and it is deservedly a topic that continues to be widely discussed. Shell Fleet Solutions can help build a robust safety program to protect drivers from vehicle accidents and make for a safe workplace, which may lead to other benefits including cost and time savings. We are proud to offer a variety of products that can help keep our most important assets – our drivers – safe.

Telematics should be considered part of a proactive approach. Collecting data directly from a vehicle using telematics gives fleet managers the ability to track driver behavior, compile detailed vehicle diagnostic data, view fuel usage and flag diagnostic trouble codes. Using a product like Shell Telematics can help recommend driver behavior training and provide managers with a tool to identify areas for improvement.

Building a safe fleet also means keeping vehicles well-maintained. Regular maintenance means fleets are running in top shape, helping to prevent breakdowns or, in the worst case, preventable accidents. Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub can track vehicles and alert fleet leadership to scheduled preventative care, helping to keep small issues from turning into large ones. It also saves customers up to 26 percent on common services and labor, with special upfront pricing and fleet savings at thousands of auto shops across the country. *

Shell Fleet Solutions understands safety as a top priority for its customers. It’s not only about employee well-being, but also an economic issue with accidents having the potential to severely affect total cost of ownership. Take advantage of the variety of services that can build a comprehensive safety plan.

Andrea Brecka
Vice President and General Manager, Fleet Solutions North America, Shell

*Based on a national survey conducted by CarAdvise LLC in 2017. Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub has pre-negotiated discounts off of retail prices on both common maintenance services and labor rates. The typical customer can expect to see an average annual savings of 26% off standard retail pricing when they book through Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub’s platform. Final savings depend on the type of services performed, vehicle type, shop brand and regionality.

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Solutions Spotlight:

Addressing Driver Behavior is the First Step Towards Building an Effective Fleet Safety Program

Fleet safety programs are an important part of doing business, but driving behavior is where the rubber hits the road. In an article by Automotive Fleet, Judie Nuskey breaks down what actions can be detrimental to fleets and can potentially cause accidents, including harsh braking, harsh acceleration, speeding, wearing no seat belt or tailgating, along with what steps can be taken to correct them.

Click here to learn more about ways to build out your safety plan using Shell Fleet Solutions. Whether it’s implementing a telematics solution to monitor driving, utilizing a fleet maintenance program, or paying with fleet cards to help reduce fraud, Shell Fleet Solutions has something for you.

SOURCE: https://www.automotive-fleet.com/10199285/tips-to-curtail-the-5-most-dangerous-driving-habits

Sales Spotlight:

Chris Nolan, Key Account Manager

Chris Nolan made his career working with fleets, first at Ryder Truck Leasing, then at GE Capital’s fleet business, before joining T-Chek Systems Inc. He joined Shell Fleet Solutions in the initial stages of launching its popular fleet card service. His job as a Key Account Manager not only requires him to onboard new customers and prospect for new ones, but also to build a customizable program based on fleet needs with the multiple services Shell Fleet Solutions provides.

“We work with fleets that might have 300 vehicles and then we might call people that have 1,000 vehicles,” Nolan said. “For some of the smaller fleets, they might be looking at a fleet card but for some of the bigger fleets, they're looking at sustainability options.”

Nolan states that while retention numbers are high among Shell Fleet Solution customers, one area that’s becoming more important is education about the different fleet services that are available to them, whether it’s Shell Fleet Cards, Shell Telematics, Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub, or the newly launched sustainability program, Accelerate to Zero.

“A lot of fleets are looking at how they can reduce their fuel consumption, how they can be a part of the energy transition,” Nolan said. “Many people don’t realize we are in that space, which is something we’re able to do through Accelerate to Zero. We’re seeing a lot of larger clients who are seriously looking into sustainability plans.”

For Nolan, the advantage Shell Fleet Solutions has over competitors is offering more than one fleet solution that can work together to help boost efficiency. “There's not a lot of companies that can marry up information like fuel card data and telematics data. That's a big advantage that we offer – utilizing the two data sets and having a better dashboard.”

To read more, please visit the Shell Fleet Solutions website. [LINK]

More News:

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While extensive data from telematics is invaluable, it also can be overwhelming to managers and drivers. As more fleets lean into telematics and digitalization, preventing data overload is crucial. Fleet Owner summarized four insights and recommendations to consider for fleets going forward.

As one customer success manager pointed out, “If a vehicle has been driven for five days a week, the vehicle could potentially create somewhere between 2,500 to 3,000 diagnostic codes.” Steps to avoid data fatigue include data filtration and prioritization, having a way to store the information, integration opportunities, and customization and adaptability.

Source: Four ways fleet managers can avoid data overload | Fleet Owner

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Tying back to fleet safety, Automotive Fleet provides some valuable insights into what makes an effective safety plan. Key elements include building buy-in from employees; consistency in sticking with rules and policies; being proactive by incorporating fleet services – such as telematics – that help prevent breakdowns or accidents before they happen; and accessibility to training programs.

“Safety, and especially risk mitigation, with regard to vehicle safety is a top-down center lead initiative. You've got to have a full suite of policies to support every decision that you're making and what the rules are for your drivers. They need to know what's expected of them. It must be data driven, you have to use technology, and it has to be auditable,” said Rick Harland, assistant director, City of Austin, Fleet Mobility Services.

Source: Key Components of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

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Geotab recently released its 2023 survey of fleet professionals. The survey was focused on how various organizations within the transportation sector are advancing towards their sustainability plans. Green Fleet explores the key takeaways and insights from the survey.

The CEO of Geotab is quoted as saying, "Transportation is one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions, and fleet managers have an essential role in tackling the challenge of carbon reduction and supporting the achievement of their organization’s sustainability goals. By leveraging quality data intelligence for decision making, measurement, and reporting, fleet managers can have a significant impact on guiding sustainability actions that reduce cost, improve performance, and create a better planet.”

Source: Geotab Survey Reveals Increasing Demand for Fleet Sustainability Initiatives | Green Fleet

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Shell Fleet Cards

We offer a portfolio of universal and proprietary fuel cards that provide businesses with more convenience, control, savings, and security.

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We strive to make Telematics as simple as possible, providing actionable insights and expert advice to help you find the right solution for your fleet.

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We fuel direct to your vehicle, fleet of vehicles, tanks, and construction equipment. Shell TapUp handles the fueling so that your drivers can avoid driving the extra miles to the gas stations.

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Shell Recharge makes it easy for fleets of all types to accelerate their EV transition with a complete end-to-end charging solution.

Accelerate to Zero tackles fleet sustainability targets

Shell Fleet Solutions’ latest service helps take the guess work out of decarbonization