Letter from the Editor:

Andrea Brecka

Sustainability is a major objective for both fleets and the future of the fleet industry. Spurred by public mandates and ambitious strategic goals set by privately-owned fleets, finding more sustainable ways to conduct business is quickly becoming a priority. According to a survey conducted by leading clean technology consulting firm, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), and unveiled at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo last May, 92% of fleets across 11 different fleet types—including logistics, transit, school, cargo, and delivery fleets—plan to grow the use of medium- or heavy-duty battery-electric vehicles.

However, the readiness to fully embrace more sustainable solutions varies widely, and understanding how to take steps towards decarbonization remains an obstacle for many fleet managers. Clear decarbonization strategies are needed without also compromising the mobility needed to support business growth. While every decarbonization journey shares the same end goal, each business will need to take a different route depending on their location, fleet size and make up, and the strategic needs of the business.

This spring at the annual NAFA Institute & Expo, Shell Fleet Solutions announced the launch of Accelerate to Zero to assist fleets in achieving their sustainability goals. Featuring a range of end-to-end mobility solutions, this comprehensive service is designed to help map the best way forward to meet your fleet’s specific decarbonization objectives. From support with electrification to advanced telematics to reduce inefficiencies, the program is tailored to individual companies based on the size and requirements of their fleet and needs of their business.

Achieving a more sustainable future is a challenge, and no one has all the answers yet. But through Accelerate to Zero, Shell Fleet Solutions is committed to working with you to help decarbonize your business and can support you at every stage to help secure a more sustainable future. We hope that you will consider working with us on your journey.

Andrea Brecka
Vice President and General Manager, Fleet Solutions North America, Shell

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Fleet Solutions Spotlight:

Accelerate to Zero: Embracing Sustainability Through Fleet Solutions

There are a variety of ways to embrace and enhance fleet sustainability. An article posted by the American Journal of Transportation breaks down some of the tactics fleet managers can use to help decarbonize, including safer driving, alternative fuels, reducing fuel consumption, route optimization and EV implementation.

Not coincidentally, Accelerate to Zero, Shell Fleet Solutions’ new sustainability program utilizes some of those same tactics through existing offerings. Those approaches include using Shell Telematics to monitor driver behavior and to help with driver safety training, utilizing Shell Fleet Cards to monitor fuel usage, or embracing new fuels such as renewable diesel which can be provided through their mobile fueling service, Shell TapUp. For more, click here to find out how Accelerate to Zero can help drive your decarbonization strategy.

SOURCE: https://www.ajot.com/news/how-to-sustain-and-promote-green-fleet-management-effectively

Sales Spotlight:

Cole Metcalf

Cole Metcalf, Key Account Manager

A Shell Fleet Solutions veteran with a 20-year career in sales, Cole Metcalf claimed a first-row seat to the shifts of the fleet world. He began his tenure in his current role largely selling fuel cards to a variety of fleets in the Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas region. But since then, he witnessed the proliferation of new technologies and fleet management offerings.

“We're more than just a fuel card now,” Metcalf said about Shell Fleet Solutions’ offerings. “That fuel card relationship is the launching point to other services, but even in fleets that are interested in EVs, they almost always have hydrocarbon powered vehicles. I go into it saying, ‘Hey, I've got something very valuable that I want to show you, let's schedule a meeting.’”

The discussion around decarbonization is one that he has been having more frequently with existing and new clients seeking to run their fleets more efficiently and find more ways to save costs and time. These calls, once largely about fuel management, are now also about telematics, EVs and alternative fuels.

It’s the relationships and trust built with fleet operators that help move these conversations along, which might now include introducing those customers to Shell Fleet Solutions’ sustainability service, Accelerate to Zero, or other solutions geared specifically to their fleets.

“We want to walk alongside our customers on this journey regardless of where they are – we want to
offer expert advice on how you can reach your sustainability goals,” Metcalf said. “Maybe reducing your fuel spend through monitoring with Shell Telematics or mobile fueling through Shell TapUp is the best way to decarbonize. We want to be there with fleets every step of the way.”

To read more, please visit the Shell Fleet Solutions website. [LINK]

More News:

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Following the announcement of the launch of Accelerate to Zero at the NAFA Institute & Expo in Baltimore in April, Shell Fleet Solutions attended the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in California, where Jim Perkins, Director, Shell Fleet Solutions, U.S.A. discussed the program further with Tom Quimby, Senior Editor for Commercial Carrier Journal. The conversation covered how Shell Fleet Solutions can work towards decarbonizing fleets, why data is key to a sustainability program’s success and where EVs fit into the solution.

"Data is going to drive decisions,” Perkins said. “When you consider a fleet’s telematics data along with their current fuel purchasing data and even their maintenance data, you can get a holistic view of the cost of actual individual vehicles. And that's always been the buzzword within the fleet industry, ‘What is my total cost of ownership for a vehicle?’”

Source: Shell gets nearly 'overwhelming' response following reveal of Accelerate to Zero program I Commercial Carrier Journal

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One trend we continue to see in trade outlets is the prioritization of safety – relating to off-road topics, such as regular vehicle maintenance, and on-road topics such as driving behavior. As this article from Government Fleet notes, accidents resulting from safety incidents are also costly, and many are preventable.

Although fleet technology advances can help reduce accidents, fleet employees are often wary about embracing those changes. However, once they understand how the technology works, it can help improve the overall fleet. Jonathan Ford, Fleet Management Division Manager for the City of Orlando said: “Learn how their systems can benefit you and talk to your neighbor,” Ford said. “I help a lot of people out as much as I possibly can, but I only know so much. And then I have to start leaning on everybody else that's out in the crowd.”

Source: New Benchmarks in Fleet Safety | Government Fleet

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Active management and optimization of vehicle use helps fleet operators achieve stronger overall fleet performance and meet their operational and financial goals. Automotive Fleet’s Mike Antich discusses six contributing factors that explain why fleet utilization is important. These factors include cost efficiency, resource allocation, productivity and performance, revenue generation, maintenance and downtime management, and safety and compliance. The article also briefly discusses the negative impacts of under-utilization of fleets, and why it is important to avoid them.

Source: Maximizing Fleet Utilization Increases Productivity & Revenue | Automotive Fleet

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See below for the range of solutions Shell has to offer that support you to achieve your goals in an industry that’s constantly evolving.

Shell Fleet Cards

We offer a portfolio of universal and proprietary fuel cards that provide businesses with more convenience, control, savings, and security.

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We strive to make Telematics as simple as possible, providing actionable insights and expert advice to help you find the right solution for your fleet.

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We fuel direct to your vehicle, fleet of vehicles, tanks, and construction equipment. Shell TapUp handles the fueling so that your drivers can avoid driving the extra miles to the gas stations.

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Shell Fleet Solutions offers a range of customizable solutions that encourage efficiency and sustainability.

Accelerate to Zero tackles fleet sustainability targets

Shell Fleet Solutions’ latest service helps take the guess work out of decarbonization