Fleet operators face logistical overloads each day, making the perceived cost of modernization, including time and energy, high. It’s little wonder that one-third (33%) of operators say they would find external support and advice helpful in the transition to new technologies and vehicle types.*

The missing ingredient is outside expertise. The right experts and technological solutions, all built on a strong foundation of collaboration, can help de-risk your next attempt to modernize.

Trusted experts like Shell Fleet Solutions can help you digitize your refuelling data, mitigate fraud, streamline your reporting and even map your journey to decarbonization. Key insights in this whitepaper include:

  • Why expertise is a valuable addition to the daily operations of a fleet operator
  • How expertise can help earn the critical trust necessary to de-risk your modernization
  • How expertise can integrate the right tools, such as the Shell Fleet Navigator® Card and EV implementation with Shell Recharge, to help save money and electrify your fleet
  • How expertise must be grounded in relationships that build collaboration and inform solutions for your real-world use cases

Read Shell Fleet Solutions’ whitepaper to discover why outside expertise is vital if you’re aiming to modernize your fleet for the road ahead.

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*Shell, Future of Fleet Report