Why Shell Fleet Solutions is your go-to consultant for meeting fleet safety needs

In today’s increasingly competitive and demanding operating environment, it can be easy to prioritize productivity and profitability above all else. But ultimately, it’s your people that make a business what it is. And with a higher rate of accidents among high-mileage drivers, guaranteeing the safety of your drivers and their vehicles is a critical part of effective fleet management.1

What’s more, greater safety not only brings improved well-being for drivers and peace of mind for you, but it also helps deliver a stronger bottom line for the business thanks to more efficient driving and lower maintenance costs – especially when you consider that on-the-job crashes resulting in injury can cost upwards of $75,000.2

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How to improve fleet safety

From individual driver behavior to wider fleet practices, a lot goes into safe and successful fleet performance. As a fleet professional, it’s important to manage the associated risks and establish a plan for keeping your drivers and vehicles safe.

While fleet drivers have extensive experience behind the wheel, they may not always be up to date with the latest information on risks associated with high mileage driving or driver behaviors, like fatigue and distractions. Likewise, they may not be equipped with the latest tools and technologies to make operations both safer and simpler.

At Shell Fleet Solutions, our aim is to make it easier for you to prioritize fleet driver safety. We provide the fleet and driver safety products you need to implement a more substantial safety plan, whether that involves analyzing and improving driver behavior, applying preventive maintenance measures or optimizing fleet scheduling. All of which can contribute to a safer fleet environment and more successful fleet operation.

Three areas that can help improve fleet safety

Vehicle monitoring and telematics

A data-driven approach to vehicle monitoring can not only save time and resources but also contribute to a safer working environment for your fleet. For instance, telematics has the capacity to both increase productivity and reduce overtime by 10-15%, benefiting your costs and, potentially, driver well-being.

Driver training and education

Equipped with the necessary data on risky driving events or unproductive driver behavior, the next step is to implement driver training that is tailored to potential blind spots. Beyond driving habits, drivers can also be educated on how to use tools like fleet cards to help reduce unnecessary stress and security concerns.

Maintenance and risk management

Given the number of miles they clock, fleet drivers could have a one in 10 chance of being involved in a collision.1 It’s imperative that your fleet vehicles are well maintained and managed using proactive and preventive maintenance tools backed by industry experts like Shell.

Fleet safety products and solutions

Shell Telematics

By helping you monitor driver behavior, 
 Shell Telematics makes it easier to identify the events that are more likely to lead to an accident, so you can more effectively shape future driver training.
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Shell fleet cards

Between improving access to refueling services and streamlining payment processes, the Shell Fleet Card can play a crucial role in creating a simpler and safer driving environment.

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Fleet safety whitepaper

Interested in learning more about how you can improve the safety of your drivers and vehicles? Our latest whitepaper explores the topic in more detail, drawing on industry data to outlineI

  • How a driver behavior score can lead to a reduction in dangerous driving events.
  • The maintenance issue that causes approximately 11,000 accidents per year.
  • The link between expense management and driver safety that fleet managers often overlook.

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2OSHA. “Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes.” Jan 2006 

3 The Standard. “Shell helps accelerate fleet efficiency with launch of new telematics offering.” August 2020