End to end energy solutions for global enterprises

End-to-End Energy Solutions for Global Enterprises

Through our large footprint, comprehensive capabilities, and deep market expertise, Shell Energy is uniquely positioned to help bring global enterprises to the forefront of the energy transition.

World-class capabilities, tailored to your energy goals

  • Shell Energy behind the meter solution

    Behind the Meter

    • Load control and efficiency insights
    • Demand response programs
    • Asset management and operation
    • Infrastructure optimization and microgrids
  • At The Meter

    Shell Energy at the meter solution

    • Retail power
    • Retail natural gas
    • Renewable solar and wind energy
    • Environmental products and offset credits
  • In Front of the Meter

    In Front of the Meter

    •  Wholesale power
    • Wholesale natural gas
    • Wholesale renewable supply
    • Risk, asset & energy management agreements
  • Shell Energy transport and supply chain solution

    Transport & Supply Chain

    • EV charging and infrastructure
    • Solutions for middle- and last-mile vehicles
    • Biofuels, renewable natural gas, and green electrons

Why Shell Energy

Supply & Volume

As a leading energy trader, Shell Energy has the trading strength to procure ample power, gas, renewables and environmental products.


Backed by Shell’s global resources and fueled by continual investments in expansion, we offer stable commitments to execute long-term plans.


Progress requires market knowledge, regulatory expertise, and a vision for navigating roadblocks. Working with us grants access to experts.

Envision an integrated energy solution

What will an end-to-end solution look like for your enterprise? Explore how these integrated capabilities can support ambitious sustainability goals and prepare your business for the energy transition. Download the Shell Energy E2E solution sheet to learn more.

Download the end-to-end energy solution sheet for global enterprises.

Supporting aggressive sustainability targets across industries

Cloud data companies

Cloud data companies

Increase clean energy mix with solutions that can include CO2 tracking, renewable energy supply, next-generation analytics, and more.

Fast-moving consumer goods

Fast-moving consumer goods

Capitalize on capabilities such as managed energy assets, renewables, and reimagined retail experiences to support sustainability goals in a cost-effective way.



Potential solutions include zero-carbon fuels, EV charging infrastructure, fleet solutions, and logistics supporting operations, middle mile and last mile vehicles.

Auto OEMs

Auto OEMs

Meet stakeholder expectations and regulatory standards with products and services such as efficiency insights, on-site solutions, and managed supply.

Contact Shell Energy

Supported by seven regional offices across the United States and Canada, Shell Energy is here to provide your business with the solutions you need wherever you’re located.

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In support of global climate change goals, Shell has a long-term ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. To accomplish this, we're focusing on net-zero manufacturing and reducing the net carbon footprint of our energy products.

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Shell Energy participates in nearly all organized power markets across North America, managing more than 10,00 MW of generation capacity - one-third of which comes from renewable sources.

Renewable Energy

Shell Energy makes it easy to add renewables to your energy mix. Our managed, owned, and contract renewable projects add over 11,000 GWh of carbon-free energy to the grid each year.

Shell Energy Updates

Our world requires reliable energy solutions to power the businesses that make our everyday lives possible. Discover how Shell Energy is keeping the power on in critical times and more market updates.

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