Here is why top fleet managers nationwide choose the Shell Small Business Card, the Shell Fleet Plus Card or the Shell Fleet Navigator Card.

Shell Small Business Card Shell Fleet Plus Card Shell Fleet Navigator Card

Enjoy both convenience and basic purchase control while managing your cash flow with flexible payment terms.

Control expenses, save money, and manage your fuel program more efficiently; optimizing rebate savings.

Customize your fuel network to control where, when, and what stations your drivers choose; increasing savings and efficiency.

Fuel Station Network Shell Fuel Network Shell Fuel Network Customer Defined from 95% of all U.S. fuel stations
Market Neighborhood/Local Local/Regional Regional/National
Reporting Transaction Level Driver, Vehicle, Department, Station Customizable
Security Prompting Zip Code (in most markets) Driver PIN, Vehicle ID, Odometer Customizable
Purchase Restrictions Fuel Only Fuel, Oil, Maintenance, In-Store and Time Customizable
Statement Paper or Online Paper or Online Paper or Online
Rebate - Tiered Rebates Varies by Fleet Size
Fees No annual fee & no card fees No annual fee & no card fees Varies by Fleet Size
Account Servicing Phone or Online Phone or Online Phone, Online, Real-time Customer Updates
Payment Terms Pay in Full or Revolve Pay in Full Pay in Full

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Fraud Matters

The use of fuel cards and cashless payment in the commercial road transport industry is on the rise. But with greater use comes greater abuse, especially as fuel is one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Shell commissioned research into the fraud management practices of fleet managers and drivers in the US, to reveal issues around fraud in the fleet industry.

Fuel Matters

Fleet managers are under greater pressure and the nature of their role has changed due to the realities of tighter margins, stricter emissions legislation and a growing need to prove environmental credentials.

Commercial Fuels

Shell US Commercial Fuels is a leading marketer of unbranded gasoline, diesel, and heating oil to US B2B customers with product conveniently available from a network of terminals across the US.