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The following lubricants are carbon neutral in North America, as Shell provides cradle-to-grave offsets for every drop sold:

High Temperature Grease

Shell Gadus S5 T460 1.5 - Synthetic polyurea grease with potential extended maintenance intervals

Multi-Purpose Bearing Grease

Shell Gadus S5 V460 1.5 – Versatile grease designed for a variety of medium to low-speed rolling element bearings 

Electric Motor Grease

Shell Gadus S5 V100 2 – Better electrical efficiency compared to leading mineral greases

Synthetic Multi-function Bearing and Circulating Oil

Shell Morlina S4 B Oils – Oils that can be used in a variety of equipment. Simply choose the right viscosity for the application. Available in ISO VG 68-1000.

Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oils

Shell Mysella S5 N – Premium long-life, low-ash oil for natural gas applications. Available in viscosities SAE 40 and SAE 15W-40.

Shell Mysella S5 S 40 - High performance low-ash oil for sour gas applications

Shell Mysella S6 N 40 – Premium long-life, medium ash oil for highly-rated gas engines

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids

Shell Naturelle S2 Hydraulic Fluids - Readily biodegradable synthetic ester hydraulic fluid. Available in ISO VG 32-68.

Biodegradable Multi-Purpose Grease

Shell Naturelle S4 U68AP 1.5 – Multi-purpose biodegradable grease for a variety of bearing and gear applications.

Synthetic PAG Gear Oils

Omala S4 WE gear oils - Full synthetic PAG gear oils with extended drain intervals and reduced energy consumption. Designed for worm gears and compatible with yellow metals. Available in ISO VG 220-460.

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Synthetic mPAO Gear Oils

Omala S4 GXV Gear Oils - Full synthetic mPAO gear oils with potential extended drain intervals and reduced energy consumption. Available in ISO VG 150-460.

Synthetic Gear Oil for Motorized Wheels on Haul Trucks

Shell Omala S4 Wheel 680 – Meets the requirements for Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr and other OEMs requiring GE’s D50E35E specification.

Synthetic mPAO Gear Oil for Wind Turbines

Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 – Meets all major wind gear box OEM specifications with 10+ year oil drain capability

Wind Turbine Blade Bearing Grease

Shell Rhodina BBZ – High performance grease to protect blade bearings against fretting and false brinelling.

Energy Efficient High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Oils

Shell Tellus S4 VE Oils – Advanced shear-stable high viscosity index hydraulic oils with up to 5% energy efficiency improvement compared to conventional fluids. Available in ISO VG 32-68.

Shell Tellus S4 ME Oils – Improved energy efficiency in applications such as plastic injection molding, metal pressing and mining conveyors. Available in ISO VG 32-46.

Advanced Turbine Oils

Shell Turbo S4 GX and X Oils– Advanced turbine oils for natural gas, steam and combined cycle turbines. Available in ISO VG 32-46.

Open Gear and Wire Rope Grease

Shell Gadus S4 OG Multi-Season – Semi-synthetic aluminum complex grease for open gear applications in multi-season conditions.

Extreme Pressure Grease

Shell Gadus S3 V220C 2 – Lithium complex especially suitable for bearings operating at high temperature and under load.

Off-Highway Transmission Fluid

Shell Spirax S6 CXME Fluids – Synthetic blend for all climate operations of heavy duty off-highway equipment. Available in ISO VG 5W-30 and 10W-40.

Zinc Free Hydraulic Oils

Shell Tellus S3 M Oils – Resists breakdown under heat or mechanical stress. Available in ISO VG 32-68.

Shell Tellus S3 V 46 – Ashless technology for viscosity control and protection.

Low Ambient Temperature Hydraulic Oil

Shell Tellus S4 VX 32 – Advanced hydraulic fluid for ultra-low ambient temperatures such as arctic or exposed areas.



This list is valid as of July 2022. Visit for the latest information.


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1 CO2 compensation does not imply that there is no environmental impact from the production and use of the product as associated emissions remain in the atmosphere. CO2 compensation is not a substitute for switching to lower emission energy solutions or reducing the use of fossil fuels. Shell businesses focus first on emissions that can be avoided or reduced and only then, compensate the remaining emissions. “Carbon neutral” or “CO2compensated” indicates that Shell will engage in a transaction where an amount of CO2 equivalent to the value of the remaining CO2e emissions associated with the raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution and end-of-life of the product are compensated through the purchase and retirement of carbon credits generated from CO2 compensation projects. Although these carbon credits have been generated in accordance with international carbon standards, the compensation may not be exact. CO2e (CO2 equivalent) refers to CO2, CH4, N2O.