Our customers’ focus is on their need for all things to be more reliable and more cost effective. Hounded by pressures to improve their practices, processes, people – and their equipment, it’s easy for them to overlook the impact of lubrication on machinery and equipment they rely on.

Companies across all sectors face increasing pressures to reduce costs, and switching to lower quality, generic lubricants and greases is an often tempting but ultimately damaging choice for businesses in the long term. When taking a holistic view of the total cost of equipment ownership, good lubrication and proper lubrication management save businesses money in the long term. 

Shell’s expertise in lubrication is demonstrated through reducing the total cost of ownership of vehicles and machinery. This holistic view requires an intelligent and specific understanding of every customer’s business, operations, plants and people. Shell’s consultants are trained sector specialists who work to analyse and optimise the impact of lubrication with proven, long term results in reducing cost.


There are two core elements to this; the first is making sure every piece of equipment is using the right lubricant, but the second is managing lubrication in the most effective way possible. Managing lubrication involves empowering customers with the right training, maintenance solutions and lubrication handling and analysis.

The savings that companies have achieved through effective lubrication with Shell are compelling; these savings come from a variety of critical areas for businesses: from simply increasing oil change intervals to helping prevent significant disruption from unplanned equipment downtime. Across all sectors, Shell has a proven record of reducing the total cost of ownership through quality lubricants and expert lubrication management.

What the future holds: innovating to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

The world is changing at an overwhelming speed. It has never been more pressing for businesses to respond and adapt so quickly. This presents unique challenges and great opportunities for the technical specialists at Shell Lubricants. We work to evolve and expand our product range so that it can continue to meet the diverse requirements for our wide customer base.

Increased automation

  • At the very simplest, sectors like mining, general manufacturing and agriculture are adopting more sophisticated, automated machinery capable of working over longer periods and under conditions requiring less manpower. This grows the demand for innovative, highly dependable lubricants, which can withstand prolonged working conditions with less frequent human management.
  • The mining sector has an additional requirement for lubricant solutions that can remain effective and stable under extreme temperatures, as businesses adopt larger vehicles carrying far greater loads.

Cleaner running

  • The power and fleet sectors are developing more complex lubrication requirements, as cleaner, renewable and alternative fuels are in greater demand. Radically different equipment is required to convert to such fuels; this calls for a more nuanced portfolio of specialist lubricants. These must be applied and managed differently to maintain – if not exceed – these companies’ current operational expectations and financial requirements.
  • Similar issues are found in the construction sector: as bigger companies tend to undertake larger, more complex projects that were once divided between specialist disciplines. This means that modern construction companies must employ a wider range of equipment types. These all need different lubrication solutions that are not only effective but specialised to maximise each equipment type’s value and longevity.

Lubricant performance management

  • Our technical specialists are already introducing our customers to technology that enables the real time monitoring of lubricant performance. This allows you to measure lubricant performance levels for individual vehicles and items of equipment, allowing you to refine and optimise your lubrication solutions. Businesses across every sector are taking advantage of this capability to optimise their performance for today’s fiercely competitive markets.

What lies ahead

  • These factors, and doubtless many new ones, will continue to grow in significance as time goes on. We will continue to stay at the forefront of innovation in lubricants, always working with you to find new solutions to support your business.

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