Components of Total Cost of Ownership

  • The total cost of Shell lubricants and greases.
  • The total cost of the correct maintenance and business processes.
  • The potential increase in costs due to improper selection of lubricants.
  • The potential decrease in component life owing to poor maintenance..
  • The potential increase in costs from loss of production and equipment downtime.
  • Other variable costs related to lubrication and lubrication management such as leaks, handling/dispensing, admin, training, and others..

Good Lubrication Management

Effective lubrication management is vital to unlocking potential total cost of ownership savings. It helps deliver value, from improved productivity and reductions in lubricant consumption to maintenance and operating costs. In a nutshell, better lubrication management ultimately leads to higher efficiency and less equipment downtime. These are the four essential principles:

man forklifts lubricant barrels

Right Storage & Handling

The lubricant must be stored in the right conditions and handled correctly to avoid contamination and preserve its key characteristics.

Right Place & Time

For the oil or grease to reach the right surface, they must be applied at the right time and changed at the appropriate frequency. Delays may result in accelerated wear of the equipment and therefore, more costs.

man assesses lubricant barrels

Right Amount & Monitoring

The correct volume of oils or greases must be applied and topped up to protect moving parts effectively. Regular sampling and analysis will ensure the oils or greases remain fit for purpose and help determine any early indications of equipment performance issues.

Right People

The competence of those who lubricate equipment can greatly affect its positive impact, particularly when it comes to ensuring the right storage, timings, quantities and monitoring practices are in place.

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