Siva Kasturi, Asia-Pacific Regional OEM Manager for Shell Global Lubricants

Siva Kasturi

As Regional OEM Manager for the Asia-Pacific area, Siva works closely with all the major OEMs in the region.

By Siva Kasturi on Jun 10, 2018

Siva Kasturi

Asia-Pacific Regional OEM Manager for Shell Global Lubricants

Siva has worked in the lubricants industry for 20 years. He works closely with all the major global OEMs in India and the Asia-Pacific region. This includes sharing insights and updates with OEM research teams on the latest trends and new specifications in lubricant technology. He works with key customers and OEMs, and develops strategic partnerships with OEMs and industry bodies. Siva is an associate member of STLE and a committee member for the Indian national standards body’s petroleum, coal & related products department.

Read Siva’s top 5 tips on Lubrication

  1. Always follow OEM recommendations on lubricant choice. Most machinery failures are due to contamination and using the wrong lubricant. Check with your OEM on how long to keep each lubricant and get advice from your product supplier.
  2. If your equipment undergoes high friction, wear, vibration and high temperatures, or you need to renew your lubricant frequently, switch to synthetics. These can reduce friction, extend oil drain intervals significantly, lower energy consumption and improve performance.
  3. Always ensure your equipment is lubricated at the right temperature and with the right viscosity. Heat can lead to oxidation and cause varnish or acid to form, while high contamination causes oxidation and shortens your service life. You could extend the uptime and working life of your equipment.
  4. Always use the right kind of filters to help control contamination. Use the right breathers to control moisture as well as moisture traps. Your product supplier and OEM can advise. This could help protect your equipment and make your lubricants last longer.
  5. Check for new specifications of lubricants and components regularly. Staying up to date with the latest technology could drive down your total cost of ownership (TCO). Next generation products like synthetics and GTL are designed for reliable protection.

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