a headshot of Raghavendran Madhavarao, Lubricants Sector Marketing Manager for Shell India

Raghavendran Madhavarao

As Marketing Manager for Shell B2B in India, Ragha has over 19 years of experience and a background in mechanical engineering.

By Raghavendran Madhavarao on Jun 10, 2018

Raghavendran Madhavarao,

Lubricants Sector Marketing Manager for Shell India

Ragha and the B2B Marketing Team work with a wide range of business customers, covering different channels and locations. The B2B Marketing team is responsible for Shell’s business customers. As Marketing Manager, Ragha has led the team in creating strategic business and marketing roadmaps. He is passionate about helping Shell customers and has developed some innovative marketing campaigns. Ragha is a mechanical engineer with an MBA in marketing.

Read Ragha’s top 5 tips on lubrication

  1. The overall cost of your lubrication programme is much more important than the price of individual lubricants. Picking a high quality product can lower your lubrication costs over time.
  2. Lubricants play a key role in reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). In many cases the savings you can make could outweigh what you spend on lubricant.
  3. Services like oil condition monitoring can help you determine how long your lubricants last, as well as the working life of your equipment. Always investigate what services your product supplier offers to see how they can help.
  4. Keep abreast of the technological advances happening in the lubrication industry – for instance, switching to synthetic lubricants may now protect your equipment better and prolong its life.
  5. Don’t dismiss the opportunity to find information from technology forums and learn from industrial bodies online. Look for all the information you can find on lubrication, to make sure you’re making the best choices for your lubrication programme.

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