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Greg Paluska

Greg leads the technical team for the Eastern region of the US, providing troubleshooting, recommendations and support.

By Greg Paluska on Jun 10, 2018

Greg Paluska

Technical Team Lead for the Eastern US region

Greg has been with Shell for 10 years in various roles within B2B Technical, Sales and Marketing. Before becoming Technical Team Lead, Greg led Shell’s North America LubeExpert team, primarily supporting mining customers. Greg has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado and an MBA from Texas A&M University. The technical team focuses on giving our customers great value, while providing troubleshooting, lubricant recommendations, and other engineering support.

Read Greg’s top tips on Lubrication

  1. Make sure your management understand that lubrication is critical – get their buy-in for your lubrication programme. This will ensure that the programme has the support and resources needed to make it effective, reducing your total ownership costs.
  2. Work with your lubrication provider to audit and assess your lubrication management systems. This can ensure that you’re using the right products the right way, and maximising your equipment life.
  3. If you don’t have a lubrication champion, get one. If somebody takes ownership of your lubrication programme, it’s more likely to stay on track and be kept up to date with the latest developments.
  4. Make sure your lubrication management programme includes oil analysis. Oil analysis gives you very important insight into the performance of not only your lubricant but also your equipment. Proper oil analysis programs will give you the insight to effectively manage common issues across your equipment base in a data-based approach.
  5. Collaborate with your local technical resources – we’re here to support, so use us!

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