Our Featured experts

Gary Roberts

A technical advisor for American Northeast, Gary has worked for Shell for over 15 years in technical solutions and sales support.

Greg Paluska

Greg leads the technical team for the Eastern region of the US, providing troubleshooting, recommendations and support.

Dr. Robert Profilet

A product application specialist with a background in product development, responsible for maintenance oils for factories, plants and turbines.

Scott Kwas

A Technical Advisor with a background in Aircraft Engineering, Scott has worked for Shell Canada for over a decade.

Siva Kasturi

As Regional OEM Manager for the Asia-Pacific area, Siva works closely with all the major OEMs in the region.

Praveen Nagpal

Praveen leads our technical team in India and has been responsible for establishing the Shell Technology Leadership division.

Cornelius Jones

The Transport Technical Advisor for North America, Cornelius has over 21 years’ experience across Lubricants and Upstream Oil & Gas.

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