Focus on your core business while Shell Lube Optimizer’s high-quality services and on-site expertise help address:

Fragmented Solutions Loss of Productivity Lack of Manpower
Non-standardized services, along with supplier complexity create unnecessary inefficiencies and lost opportunities. Contamination is a leading cause of equipment breakdown, which in turn leads to enormous productivity losses. Managing lubricants becomes a major challenge when there is a lack of field expertise, tools and processes for lubrication management.

About Our Network of On-site Providers

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    Geographical coverage across the US means our service providers can respond within 24 hours of an emergency.

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    A proven record of 20+ years of experience per provider performing services across all B2B industrial and transport segments.

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    Expansive coverage with one of the largest teams of 200+ service professionals in our network

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    Expertise and a total technical and practical understanding of lubricant systems and operating environments.

Benefits at a glance:

  • An end-to-end solution for on-site reliability services
  • Support for maintenance and troubleshooting activities during the lifetime of your machinery oil
  • Shell experts to help identify areas of improvement to avoid unseen disruptions and increase uptime

Primary Services

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    Occurs as oil is being filled into the equipment or during the life of the equipment to maintain low particle count.

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    Performed to clean the circulating oil system using high flow turbulence to maintain productivity and protect your equipment.

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    Removing water from lubricant while in service via centrifuge or vacuum dehydration. Emergency Response & Particulate Removal available.

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    Filtration of oil to new installations direct to application of any new system commissioning and can include the need for high velocity oil flushing, flushing of lines and pickling.

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    Reclamation of customers’ system oil recovered from leakage – can be on-site or offsite.

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    Confined space tank cleaning of fluid system reservoirs and bulk tanks with OSHA CSE trained personnel.

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    Patented process to reduce varnish potential of lubricant and/or remove varnish from oil-wetted components within an oil circulating system.*

*US Patent 9,719,535 is held by Reladyne Reliability Services.

Additional Services

  • MACHINE EQUIPMENT/LEASE – Sale or lease of equipment and supporting materials required for filtration, dehydration, leakage oil reclamation or fluid storage and handling projects.
  • CHEMICAL CLEANING – Multi-step process performed on lube oil and non-lube oil systems to remove scale, rust, and/or other system contamination.
  • HYDROBLASTING – Utilizes extremely high water or oil pressures to blast contamination and deposits from the internal surfaces of piping.
  • OIL MIST SYSTEM – Provides an efficient & centralized lubrication system using compressed air to automatically and continuously deliver the right amount of clean lubricant to anti-friction bearings.
  • OIL SYSTEM PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE – Manual cleaning of oil reservoir internal surfaces, as well as purifying the existing charge of oil.

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