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  • Shell LubeAnalyst is a simple health check tool for your lubricants and machinery. It’s an oil condition monitoring service that identifies potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical, helping you to keep your business running smoothly.
  • You’ll receive comprehensive reports that analyse your equipment in detail. What’s more, our experts will review your data to offer advice specifically tailored to your machinery. With subsequent testing, you will start to receive graphs that show the trends for each test element.
  • The whole system is fast and easy to use. Once you’ve registered for Shell LubeAnalyst online, you simply take oil samples from your equipment and send them off to one of our laboratories. As soon as we’ve tested and analysed your samples, we’ll email our diagnosis and recommendations to you.

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To find out more about the LubeAnalyst service please use our contact page to speak to a Shell representative. If you’re an existing customer click the button below to visit ShellLubeAnalyst.

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