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Maximizing Your Output with Proactive Maintenance

A Sophisticated Suite of Maintenance and Training Services

Decisions to invest in upgrading equipment are not made lightly, and come with the expectation of improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Yet realising these goals, and maximising your output, all depends on effective maintenance.

As equipment becomes more sophisticated, so do maintenance requirements.

Proper application and ongoing monitoring of lubricants can make the difference between unexpected issues bringing operations to a halt, and stopping an emerging problem in its tracks.

The Shell Lubricant Solutions services portfolio has a number of offerings designed to equip customers with the information and resources you need to implement a more proactive maintenance programme.

Bespoke equipment health checks

Oil condition monitoring provides a regular health check for your machinery. In-depth personalized reports can uncover early warning signals of potential failures and highlight opportunities for optimisation, to help keep your machinery running. We offer bespoke solutions for a wide range of operations and equipment types:

  • Shell LubeAnalyst – samples sent to our network of ISO-accredited labs
  • Shell LubeAnalyst Lite - on-site tests using table-top diagnostic equipment
  • Shell RemoteSense - real-time oil condition monitoring using advanced artificial intelligence

Upskilling employees

Key to optimising lubrication is ensuring maintenance staff are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to put the right processes in place.

  • Shell LubeCoach - empowers your maintenance team with the expertise of our technical specialists. Through e-learning, webinars, or face-to-face classroom training workshops, they will gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about a fully optimised lubrication plan, resulting in longer equipment and component life.

Equipped with the tools and information to optimise equipment lubrication, you will be in a stronger position to minimise downtime, maximise productivity, and realise tangible benefits to your bottom line. 

Explore our Lubricant Services

Shell LubeAnalyst

Shell LubeAnalyst is an oil condition monitoring service to keep your machines running and prevent breakdown by providing you with personalised diagnosis.

Shell LubeAnalyst Lite

Analyse your oil samples on-site with our sophisticated desktop hardware, for instant results with no need for lab-based analysis.

Shell Remote Sense

Shell Remote Sense uses advanced analytics to produce actionable insights and recommendations aimed at reducing unplanned downtime, optimising maintenance and extending equipment life.

Shell LubeCoach

Shell LubeCoach provides access to high-quality training materials and training to help you deliver optimal performance.

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