Shell LubeAdvisor

Shell LubeAdvisor - The best advice delivers the most value

The best advice delivers the most value

The Shell LubeAdvisor service is designed to help you use the right oil, at the right time, every time. The service is delivered by highly trained technical staff via office-based help desks and field-based lubrication engineers who work with you to develop a service that meets your individual requirements. There are also a number of easy-to-use tools available online, equipping you with engineering, technical and application knowledge.

Shell LubeAdvisor has been designed to offer different levels of support for different business sizes and applications. By using Shell's expertise to help you improve lubrication and maintenance practices, you can increase productivity and limit downtime which can ultimately lead to a competitive advantage.

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Shell LubeAnalyst

Shell Lube Analyst

Monitor, analyze, improve and save

The Shell LubeAnalyst service provides a health check for your lubricants and machinery. It is an oil condition monitoring service that aims to keep your business running smoothly by helping to identify potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

The Shell LubeAnalyst system is fast and easy to use.  Having registered for the service online, you take oil samples from your equipment and send them to one of our laboratories. As soon as we’ve tested and analyzed your samples, we email you our diagnosis and recommendations. This way, Shell LubeAnalyst provides an early warning system to give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

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Shell LubeCoach

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Give your team the benefit of our knowledge

Shell LubeCoach is a comprehensive training program designed to empower your staff to deliver the benefits of a well-designed lubrication plan. The course is modular, workshop-based and tailored to suit your needs. Technical experts with substantial field-based experience deliver the program, sharing their experience and knowledge of the Shell global network.

Through Shell LubeCoach training, your employees will gain a deep understanding of the importance of lubrication in the successful day-to-day operation of your facility. They will be able to use this knowledge to make informed decisions, resulting in longer lubricant and equipment or component life.

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Shell LubeMatch

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Find the right lubricant for you

Shell LubeMatch is a free online service that lets you match the correct lubrication to your vehicles and equipment. Originally designed for use by Shell’s own technical staff, we’ve now made the information available to our customers globally – giving you instant access to a vast bank of data on engines, lubricants and oils, including the quantities required and oil drain intervals etc.

The service is quick and easy to use – you just log onto the Shell LubeMatch site and select your vehicle or equipment type, and make or model. This generates an instant report, recommending the best lubricant to help your equipment run smoothly.

Using the right lubricant not only protects and prolongs the life of your equipment but it can also help you save on maintenance and fuel costs. So LubeMatch is an invaluable tool that can help to make your business more efficient and profitable.

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Shell LubeVideoCheck

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Get insider knowledge of your engine

Shell LubeVideoCheck is a state-of-the-art fiber optic tool that let us inspect key internal engine components including inaccessible areas such as the cylinder head, valves, cylinder walls and pistons – without dismantling the engine itself.

Access is gained simply by removing the injector, glow or spark plug. It’s a cost effective, efficient and non-invasive way of inspecting all engine and equipment components, thereby minimizing the time and expenses associated with an engine strip-down and downtime. It can help you to assess an engine’s condition and spot potential failures before costly mechanical damage occurs.

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