The Changing face of Wind Turbine Maintenance

Drones are being used in hostile environments to make wind turbine maintenance safer and easier for power engineers. Find out how Industry 4.0 technologies such as this could help you.

What will the Wind Power Industry of the Future Look Like?

From a typhoon-proof wind turbine to the world’s most powerful in development, find out about the latest innovations at the forefront of wind power generation.

Getting your Wind Turbines in Gear

How to use effective lubrication to increase productivity and ensure wind turbine gearbox uptime.

True Cost of Wind Turbine Maintenance

It takes a lot to look after power industry equipment, but what is the true cost of wind turbine maintenance?

Investing in Peak Performance

Investing in Peak Performance

The right wind turbine gear oil can improve the performance of your installation and reduce your costs. 

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Wind turbines experience some of earth’s most extreme climates. Protecting equipment is critical to success.

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Industry Insights

Find out how lubricants can affect you and your maintenance costs, and what else you should think about, including getting the right partners involved.