Wind turbines operate in some of the most remote locations in the world, where engineers battle extreme conditions to ensure equipment is operating at the highest levels. In a highly competitive market where renewable energy is essential to today’s energy mix, gains in productivity and efficiency can make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

Natural Gas Compression and Transmission

Equipment downtime is not only disruptive and expensive, but its repercussions can affect millions. Machinery and engineers need to deliver peak performance every day. With decades of experience working with rotating equipment, our experts understand the realities of maintaining reliable, efficient equipment and have developed the right products for the job.

Power Generation

Unplanned outages are not an option and Shell Lubricants is here to support a reliable, efficient operation. We have a range of products to meet the needs of your power generation applications as well as products to keep your service fleet in the field, where they belong.

Electrical Oils

Unplanned outages are not an option. Shell Lubricant Solutions is here to support a reliable, efficient operation. We have a range of expertly developed transformer oils formulated to meet the exact needs of your equipment.

Introducing Shell Diala S5 BD

Introducing Shell Diala S5 BD

Shell Diala S5 BD is a biodegradable paraffinic transformer oil for advanced transformer performance, and it’s now available in the US. Learn more about this innovative transformer oil.

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