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Improving energy efficiency and enhancing equipment protection through lubrication excellence.



Case Studies

Steel Mill Operator annual improvements of $392k

A large Steel Mill was experiencing premature gear failures due to heavy loading conditions. Switching to Shell Omala S4 meant extended gearbox life and rebuild. A total annual savings of US$392k.

Steel Company Extend Grease Intervals by 4X

A US steel company utilized Shell LubeAdvisor to get the best grease recommendation. Switching to Shell Gadus S3 has delivered them an estimated annual savings of US$86k.

Shell Adds Substantial Savings for Steel Producer

A steel producer approached Shell for technical support to reduce their oil loss. The LubeExpert leak detection system identified the location of the leaks and saved an estimated US$790k.

Shell LubeAnalyst Prevents Operational Issues

Shell LubeAnalyst detected three issues that had gone undetected, saving a steel mill customer over US$228k.

Production Shutdown Avoided in Aluminum Plant

Preventing the mixing of two incompatible hydraulic oils avoided costly unplanned production shutdown and unscheduled maintenance, saving the customer US$ 157K.

25% Increase in Oil Drain Interval

Shell improvements and recommendations by Shell LubeAdvisor lead a steel company to extend its ODI by 25% with reduced maintenance time and oil consumption.

Explore lubricants for your business

Hydraulic Oils

Find out how Shell hydraulic fluids can maintain or even improve the efficiency of your hydraulic systems with the latest synthetic, ashless technology.

Gear Oils

Shell Omala fully synthetic gearbox oil is designed for enclosed industrial spur and bevel gear applications, from standard to demanding high-load and extended-duty applications.

Bearing & Circulating Oils

The Shell Morlina range of bearing and circulating oils provides consistent and reliable lubrication, whatever the operating conditions.


The Shell Gadus range has been developed to deliver the best value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life, and system efficiency.

Lubrication in Steel Mill

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Protect Your Bearings, Protect Your Business

Bearing reliability is key to maintaining productivity, but dusty environments, high temperatures, and low speeds can strip efficiency away from the process. Challenging applications need exceptional oils that can provide consistent and reliable lubrication no matter the conditions.

Read more about bearings.

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Galvanize Your Gears and Minimize Costs

Demanding environments take a toll on industrial gears, with rapid wear of equipment. The resulting maintenance and component replacement can be costly, but a premium-quality gear oil can help extend oil-drain intervals and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Read more about gears.

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Take the Pressure Off Your Hydraulics

As pressure grows to improve sustainability, attention turns to optimizing operations. With hydraulics at the heart of your operation, a high-quality oil with longer oil life can dramatically improve your operation's energy efficiency.

Read more about hydraulics.

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