Coolant Application(s) Coolant Features Benefits
Shell Rotella ELC Heavy duty, mixed application antifreeze/coolant
  • Effective heat transfer, freeze and boiling protection
  • Protects aluminum and other metal engine components against corrosion damage
  • Protects against pitting
  • Lasts 24,000 hours or more, with proper monitoring
  • Reduces maintenance costs by prolonging the life of seals, hoses, and other cooling system components
Shell Rotella ELC NF Heavy duty, mixed application antifreeze/coolant
  • OAT technology
  • Protection of aluminum components in modern engines
  • Excellent cavitation (pitting) and corrosion protection
  • Lasts 24,000 hours or more, with proper monitoring
  • No SCA or extender use required for the life of the coolant
  • Compatible with other coolants

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