Farming equipment watering crops

The agriculture industry is often at the mercy of its environment. From unpredictable weather to unforeseen economic challenges, it can sometimes feel that business success is out of your control.

This is why it’s important to double down on the variables that you can affect, like your equipment’s performance.

Too often, the root cause of underperforming machinery is incorrect lubrication. A trusted partner like Shell Lubricant Solutions can guide your maintenance plan down the right track, with high-quality fluids and high-value maintenance services.

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Shell Rotella: Meeting the Challenges of Modern Farming

If your agricultural machinery doesn’t perform at its best, your business can’t grow. Our range of Shell Rotella heavy duty engine oils are here to help. Find out how.

Shell Gadus: Helping to Lower the Total Cost of Ownership in Agriculture

Grease may only be a small part of your maintenance budget, but it can improve your productivity and help to significantly decrease your maintenance costs. Find out how.

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Engine Oils

For an engine that works as hard as you do, choose our heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Designed to give outstanding wear protection with reduced viscosity for improved fuel economy.

Transmission and Axle Oils

Shell Spirax oils are designed to help keep your transmission components protected so that they can go on working efficiently.


The Shell Gadus range has been developed to deliver best value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system efficiency.

Explore Services for Agriculture

Shell LubeAdvisor

From office-based technical helpdesks to field-based lubrication engineers, our team of world class support staff is ready to help you choose the right products and improve lubrication processes.

Shell LubeAnalyst

Oil condition monitoring that enables you to continually track your equipment’s performance and use those insights to inform better maintenance decisions.

Shell LubeCoach

Upskill your employees through a customized training program, delivered in-person or through our e-learning portal by Shell technical experts with significant in-field experience.

Lubricants for Agriculture and Farming

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