Aware of the importance of effective lubrication practices to help improve equipment reliability and save costs, a leading fertilizer producer in the USA was looking to train its 20 apprentices. The company aimed to establish effective procedures and address common errors such as over- or under-lubrication, contamination and using the wrong lubricant. The company asked Shell Lubricants to provide information to its apprentices.


A leading fertilizer producer in the USA had launched a training course for its 20 apprentices. It wanted to include effective lubrication practices as part of the program with the aim of helping to improve long-term equipment reliability and performance, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and increase production.


The Shell Lubricants technical team provided a seven-day program as part of its Shell LubeCoach service. The course included the fundamentals of lubrication, contamination control, oil sampling and analysis and maintenance practices. The program also included a visit to a local oil-analysis laboratory.


The apprentices have received comprehensive information about lubrication. The visit to the local laboratory, which carries out more than 1500 oil samples a month, was an ideal opportunity to reinforce the importance of using oil analysis as a condition monitoring tool. The customer is now planning to educate other staff, using the Shell LubeCoach service.

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