Total Cost of Ownership: Understanding the Potential

Only 52% of fleet managers consider lubricant product performance an important purchase consideration. But did you know that investing in the right lubricants has been proven to optimize component life, decrease maintenance costs, and reduce unplanned downtime? Shell is dedicated to providing all the tools you need for cost savings.

The First Step: Lubrication Selection

Selecting the right lubricant is a critical first step in improving productivity and realizing significant TCO savings.

Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

  • Protection against deposits

    Higher-quality engine oils actively work to remove deposits, helping keep the engine clean and protected.

  • Wear protection

    A heavy duty engine oil forms a protective film between key components that helps to reduce wear.

  • Corrosion protection

    Lubricants neutralize natural acid by-products of engine combustion. 

  • Fuel economy

    Low-viscosity heavy duty diesel engine oils deliver the same wear protection and oil life as their thicker counterparts. 

  • Long oil life

    High quality synthetic engine oils can maintain performance even in the presence of contaminants and by-products. 

Effective engine lubrication protects high-cost equipment and minimizes downtime due to frequent oil changes, maintenance or even component failures. Learn more about our Heavy Duty Engine Oils and find the best fit for your fleet.

Axles and Transmission

  • Cleanliness

    Lubricants protect against build-up of deposits that reduce transmission efficiency.

  • Long oil life

    A higher quality oil can deliver longer oil life and performance through a longer drain interval.

  • Cooling

    Transmission or axle oil that effectively cools components help reduce friction and improves efficiency. 

  • Cold starts

    High quality synthetic oils enable faster lubrication at start-up, improving fuel economy. 

  • Axle seal failure

    In some extreme cases, poor lubricant choice can lead to premature seal failure in axles, causing extensive, costly repairs. 

The quality of transmission or axle oil can significantly impact component life, vehicle downtime, oil drain intervals, and therefore cost per mile of the fleet. Learn more about our Axle and Transmission Oils and find the best fit for your fleet.


The Second Step: Lubricant Management

Effective lubrication management can help deliver value from improved productivity and reductions in lubricant consumption, maintenance, and operating costs. However, properly managing lubrication for your fleets requires a number of processes, and only 33% of fleet companies have all the recommended procedures* in place to manage lubricants effectively 1.

Shell offers:

Shell is dedicated to helping you adopt the best lubrication practices for your fleets. Check out our lubricant services and start cost saving today:

  1. Shell LubeAnalyst: Oil analysis service that allows customers assess lubricant condition, identify potential problems, and provides guidance on interpretation of results
  2. Shell LubeVideoCheck: Videoscope diagnostic service used to discretely inspect engines
  3. Shell LubeChat: Free virtual assistant that provides instant lubricant information and recommendations
  4. Shell LubeCoach: A customized training program, led by Shell technical experts, which offers practical coaching to customers’ staff on lubricant management techniques
  5. Shell LubeAdvisor: Our technical advisors who can provide you a detailed condition assessment of your site and procedures

* Shell recommended procedures include: Delivery and storage of lubricants / greases, Oil change procedures, Oil dispensing systems, Efficient grease lubrication systems, Oil analysis, Training employees in lubricant selection and/or management.

1 This survey, commissioned by Shell Lubricants and conducted by research firm Edelman Intelligence, is based on 395 interviews with Fleet sector staff who purchase, influence the purchase or use lubricants / greases as part of their job across 8 countries (Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Russia, UK, US) from November to December 2015”

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