COUNTRY: California, USA

APPLICATION: Automotive on Road Heavy Duty Vehicles

KEY EDGE: Shell Rotella T3 15W-40 & Shell LubeAnalyst



Cement Products


Robertson's Ready Mix was operating a fleet of concrete mixer trucks and were looking at ways of reducing their oil drain intervals (ODI), while at the same time maintaining engine protection.


Shell's Lubricant specialists implemented Shell LubeAnalyst oil condition monitoring as part of trial on the existing lubricant product across 92 mixer trucks. The outcome of which prompted a recommended switch to Rotella T5 10W-40.



Moving to Shell Rotella T5 10W-40 has extended oil drain intervals (ODI) by 50% from 800 hours to 1,200 hours while maintaining engine protection.

Yellow truck on road


The reduced maintenance and product costs associated with longer product life and reduced ODI saw the company reporting estimated annual savings of US $15,485.

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