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Upgrading your lubricant could be a decision that helps your fleet meet its efficiency and sustainability goals this year. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know where to start?

Take the mystery out of your heavy duty diesel engine oil selection with our calculator. Enter your fleet's data and we’ll calculate the total savings – from cost to carbon – and how much further your trucks could travel if you were to switch today.

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These numbers represent typical fleets, please update to reflect your fleet's current operational metrics.

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These numbers represent typical fleets, please update to reflect your fleet's current operational metrics.

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Oil-drain intervals are based on your current OEMs recommendation.

If your lubricant viscosity grade is not on the list, please contact your Shell Account Manager .

By switching to a 10W-30 lubricant, you could annually generate in cost savings.

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By switching to a lubricant, you could annually save...

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Total Savings
Per Truck
Total Carbon
Total Fuel
Total Labour
Hours Savings
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The savings indicated are specific to the calculation date and are not a guarantee of potential performance or savings, as variables may affect your outcome. These variables are unique to each fleet operation and include, but are not limited to: product application, operating conditions, equipment condition, maintenance practices and driver behaviour.

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The change that pays for itself

Oil Cost


Per 1,000


Total Savings
Across Fleet


You would be helping the planet by reducing your carbon emissions by

100,000 kg of CO2

That is equivalent to the volume of


Freight Trailers (53ft)

This calculation is based on a standard 53ft trailer [1] with an average volume of 98.8m3. The volume of CO2 is calculated at 25°C and 1 atmosphere pressure [2].

The fuel you could save could help you to go further, and help one truck drive an extra


That is equivalent to

X trips from New York to LA

X trips from Madrid to Berlin

X trips from Mumbai to Beijing