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Switching to a lower-viscosity engine oil has the potential to improve fleet efficiency – generating cost, carbon, and operational savings. Yet, faced with the pressures of rising costs and lower emissions targets, fleet managers need the ability to build a business case for making the switch.

This means calculating and understanding the potential impact a lower-viscosity engine oil can have on fleet efficiency. The Shell Fleet Carbon Footprint & Savings Calculator does exactly that, using basic fleet information to create annualized projections – along with visualizations to highlight the benefits of switching at a glance. Fleet managers can then take their calculation a step further and build a sustainability roadmap by registering for Smart Transport Manager Training.

The savings indicated are specific to the calculation date and are not a guarantee of potential performance or savings, as outside variables may affect your outcome. These variables are unique to each fleet operation and include, but are not limited to: product application, operating conditions, equipment condition, maintenance practices and driver behavior.

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