An effective lubrication program can help drive operational efficiencies and lower operating costs. As a leader in innovation and technology, Shell continually improves its products and services to help deliver savings and efficiencies to your business in five key areas:

  • Improved Fuel Economy

    The contribution of wheel flange lubrication could mean substantial fuel savings for the railroad.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

    Proper grease selection helps to reduce friction and wear, which can contribute to decreasing rail repairs.

  • Increased Equipment Life

    Extending the life and value of your equipment means your rail line can generate more revenue across it's lifetime.

  • Reduced Complexity

    We offer a complementary two-grease solution, wide transition windows and effective range.

  • Safety

    A healthier rail profile means less track time to deliver, thus reducing physical risk for the railroad.


Shell Gadus Rail S3 Wheel Flange Greases help to deliver better asset health and operational efficiency

Key benefits of Shell Gadus Rail S3 Greases:

  • Two complementary greases that are compatible and can be admixed without concern by the track supervisors and staff
  • High mobility performance in artic ambient temperature conditions
  • Maintains column strength and track transition under high ambient temperature conditions
  • Maintains a low coefficient of friction on the track for long distances from the trackside lubricator 


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