Learn how to more effectively manage your energy use and assets to minimize your total energy spend and keep up with others in the industry who are already making the switch to more sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

The Path to Greater Energy Savings

Energy Efficiency

The simplest way to reduce emissions and operating costs at your location is by upgrading or replacing the systems and equipment that use the most energy. HVAC systems and lighting account for significant energy usage at most dealerships. HVAC systems, for instance, are responsible for 40-60% of the energy expenses in most commercial buildings.¹ Even targeting one system at a time can have a big impact. Something as simple as installing LED lighting can offer 32-43% lifetime savings.²

“Behind-the-meter” refers to energy production and storage systems that directly supply structures with electricity without needing to be counted by a meter before being used. Behind-the-meter solutions give you more control over your operation’s energy use with automated controls, advanced analytics and actionable insights. By setting controls for HVAC, lighting or other systems, it’s easy to resolve issues quickly and identify opportunities for greater efficiency.

Energy Management

An energy management system (EMS) uses a combination of hardware, software and managed services to collect and analyze energy usage at your dealership. EMS solutions provide a more comprehensive view of energy consumption, so you can make the most cost- and time-efficient adjustments to keep charges down and reduce operational risks. Shell EMS solutions utilize algorithms to analyze details like usage data, local tariffs and rates to automate and optimize settings with multiple utilities and cost structures.

This increased visibility is also useful for meeting emissions reduction regulations, optimizing EV and fleet charging solutions, and showcasing a commitment to sustainability to fleet customers.

Resiliency and EVs

Electric medium—and heavy-duty trucks still only make up a small percentage of the market, but they’re growing. Their global sales numbers have more than doubled since 2020.³ Don’t fall behind in preparing for the transition. Adding DC fast chargers for trucks at your dealership will help draw in more customers, but charging trucks that quickly also uses up a lot of energy and can drive up costs without the right systems in place. Implementing automated solutions will help facilitate decreased reliance on the grid, especially during peak demand periods or trigger events, to reduce overall power consumption.

Comprehensive turnkey EV charging solutions, like those offered by Shell Recharge Solutions, also provide end-to-end support for deploying and operating EV charging stations, so you can do it in a way that’s sustainable for your bottom line. Shell Recharge will help manage permits, develop site plans and implement charging solutions tailored to your location’s specific environment and needs.

Additional Solutions for Your Dealership:

  • Energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades
  • Energy management and demand response
  • Back-up generation
  • Data analytics and performance management
  • Ongoing and preventative maintenance
  • Asset monitoring and controls
  • E-fluids and e-greases
  • Electrical power and natural gas in deregulated markets

Shell Energy offers multiple products and services designed to help you reduce your total energy spend, upgrade aging infrastructure and improve efficiency at your dealership.



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[1] As reported by carrierenterprise.com.

[2] According to The DLC.

[3] As reported by IEA, Global EV Outlook 2022 Report

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