A construction site can be an unforgiving place for you and your equipment. The dust, the dirt, the deadlines. Also, companies of all sizes are embracing sustainability standards and looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints. Shell has the products, services and expertise to help you build in a profitable and sustainable way. We’re committed to helping our customers in these efforts by working alongside you to help your equipment last longer and implementing carbon reduction protocols for lubricant use, storage and disposal.

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Sustainability 101

Gain an understanding of the scopes of emissions, as defined by the GGCP.

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Energy Efficiency Principles

Breaking down the ‘avoid, reduce, offset’ approach and setting you on your way.

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Let’s work together

More on Sustainability

Products for Construction

Identify the best lubricant for each application on your job site and in your operation with our interactive guide.

Carbon Neutral Lubricants

The complete list of Shell's carbon neutral lubricants, offset to have zero net carbon emissions.


Grow your sustainability credentials with next generation lubricants and technologies.

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