Total Estimated Annual Customer Savings of $22,000


LOCATION: Puerto Valdivia, Colombia

APPLICATION: Caterpillar pins and bushes

KEY EDGE: Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2, Shell LubeCoach & Shell LubeAdvisor



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This construction group was operating a fleet of Caterpillar heavy duty vehicles in remote locations under high loads and in high temperatures. It wanted to optimise its lubricant set-up in this harsh environment to increase vehicle availability.


As well as delivering the Shell LubeCoach and LubeAdvisor services, the Shell Lubricants team recommended a switch to Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2 for its excellent mechanical stability against vibration and water resistance properties.


The technical advice and introduction of the new product helped the company to increase lubricant efficiency and reduce unscheduled downtime, leading to increased equipment availability.

Shell Lubecoach


The reduced lubricant and maintenance costs saw the company reporting, across just 10 of its units, estimated annual savings of $22,000.

The savings indicated are specific to the calculation date and mentioned site. These calculations may vary from site to site and from time to time, depending on, for example, the application, the operating conditions, the current products being used, the condition of the equipment and the maintenance practices.

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